Share Your Direct Selling Story with the DSA

In many ways, we’re in the storytelling business. As members of the direct selling community, we’re regularly relaying success stories or sharing with others our excitement about products or an opportunity perfect for entrepreneurs.

From a corporate standpoint, one of our passions is learning about the incredible people that make USANA tick and sharing those stories with our wonderful readers.

Who knows? Maybe someone’s story will resonate with one of your potential customers.

Direct Selling Story - USANA

Why are you a direct seller? Let the DSA know!

If you’re a regular What’s Up, USANA? reader, you’re probably familiar with our ongoing Celebrating Your Story series. Each month, USANA Social Media Specialist Jessica Whiting shares another amazing story featuring a USANA Associate.

Perhaps you’ve read about…

  • Steve Netherby, who at 70 hiked the 211-mile John Muir Trail, culminating in a summit of Mount Whitney
  • Clarissa Pritchett, a woman whose life philosophy can’t help but put a smile on your face
  • Traci Castañeda, whose incredibly selfless act helped save a life

Or many others who are loving life and living it to the fullest every day.

Why Direct Selling? Let the DSA Know!

And now, our friends at the Direct Selling Association (DSA) want to hear your stories to potentially publish on its website and social media.

Direct Selling Association LogoThe DSA, of which USANA is a longstanding member (CEO Dave Wentz even served as the organization’s chairman and remains on the board) wants to know why you chose direct selling and learn more about your direct selling experience.

Is it because you fell in love with the products? Or maybe it’s due to the extra-income opportunity.

Or perhaps you came across a super-awesome corporate blog and thought, “Hey, this looks like an incredible company! Sign me up!” OK, that last example probably isn’t a reason, but it could be!

That’s the thing: People join the direct selling industry for a number of reasons, which is why there are 15.8 million people in the United States involved in direct selling, according to the DSA, accounting for more than $28 billion in sales.

Tell Your Story

Now’s your chance to let your story be told!

We encourage you to fill out this form and share the link with your teams so individuals can submit their own stories to the DSA. Here are stories already submitted by direct sellers like you from companies throughout the industry.

It’s an excellent opportunity to demonstrate exactly what drew you to direct selling and how it’s changed your life.

Oh, and if you know of a story that showcases the merits of USANA, by all means let us know! Send us an email. We’re always looking to highlight our Associates — and Preferred Customers! — on these blog pages.

So put your storytelling skills to work and let the world know why you’ve chosen direct selling.


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  1. Marie-Anne Neveu
    Marie-Anne Neveu says:

    My direct selling story started 20 yrs after being diagnosed with LUPUS, and desperate to find a way to manage symptoms without Steroids, today thank you USANA (Dr Myron Wentz’s) I have achieved my goal, and sharing his vision of a World Free of Pain & Suffering is now my mission. Everything is a choice in Life, what we perceive we can achieve. (Direct Selling was Unknown to me 14 years ago).


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