Success on the High Seas: An Unforgettable Experience

Growth 25 - Day 5 - 041-XLIt’s hard to believe Success on the High Seas was announced just over a year ago. The days, weeks and months leading up to this event flew by, and the past week flew by even faster.

Now, I can’t say with any certainty that we’ll be able to top ourselves with an incentive as fun, motivating, and genuinely satisfying as this sea-faring adventure, but I can say — without a doubt — that this has been an experience I will never forget.

And when you have a chance to ask our Associates lucky enough to find themselves aboard the Allure of the Seas, I’m sure they’ll tell you they all feel the same way.

Growth 25 - Day 7 - 117-XLNobody knows how to have a good time like USANA Associates, and the past seven days were incredibly entertaining, packed with trainings, social gatherings, and of course, fun in the sun. They visited the children from the Foyer de Sion orphanage in Labadee, Haiti. They saw the sights and drifted down the rivers of Falmouth, Jamaica. They danced the Salsa in Cozumel, Mexico, and just when we thought they were done, they donned their favorite pirate outfits and showed everyone onboard that when USANA throws a party, we do it right.

The laughter was infectious and the passion for the USANA way of life permeated every nook and cranny of the Royal Caribbean’s newest, most impressive nautical vessel.

Not one soul will go home without having met at least one of our incredible Associates and they’re better for it. Their life will change in one way or another. Maybe not today, but one day, they’ll look back and remember the kindness, generosity, and fun-loving nature of the entire USANA family, proving that, yes, we just might forget about the cool breeze and warm nights, but the people we spent them with will stay with us forever.



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