Building a USANA Body with Brad: Revealing the Results

Building a USANA Body - Before-After

Greetings USANA Family,

It is my pleasure to report, albeit a bit late, the results of my body-sculpting endeavor I set out on many months ago with the start of the “Building a USANA Body” series. Over the course of the last year I’ve utilized USANA products and the support that comes from working at this company to make tremendous progress toward my fitness goals.

It has been a long year (actually, I started this way back in February 2012 with this blog post), but I am finally cashing in my chips!

Building a USANA Body - Before-After

Before and After

Notable transformational changes:

  • Beginning weight: 176 lbs.
  • Ending weight: 164 lbs.
  • Beginning body fat percentage: 16.5%
  • Ending body fat percentage: 6%

Fun bonus personal achievements:

  • Bench pressed more than 100 pounds over my body weight.
  • Performed standard bicep curls using 65-pound dumbbells for repetitions.
  • Saw my abs again for the first time in 10 years.

I love fitness because it is no respecter of persons. It does not care if you are rich or poor. It does not care about your race or creed. That means it is a common denominator that links us all! It also “levels the playing field,” so to speak. You have the ability to succeed (with some exceptions) in spite of life’s challenges. Essentially, you can always improve regardless of your current state.


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Some Fitness Advice

I would like to leave a few parting thoughts for consideration for those entrenched in the battle toward fitness achievement

First, attitude is a make or break element for anyone’s fitness goals. I remember so many days when I didn’t care at all about lifting or eating well. I had many instances that it felt like the demands of life were so great that I was simply going to commit to taking a seat right then and there and cry until circumstances changed. I didn’t do that. 🙂

Instead, I trudged through the motions. After trudging through the motions I realized that I could take another step toward a positive attitude by adding to my small achievement. I would add helping someone, trying to perform a small service to a co-worker, or trying to smile more. Soon I had developed the ability to have a positive attitude regardless of circumstance. It was a very empowering light-bulb moment.

USANA's Daniel Perez benches 300 pounds

USANA’s Daniel Perez benches 300 pounds, as Brad Pace spots him.

Second, family and friends are everything. I would not be able to achieve anything if it were not for my companion of 13 years. She is my inspiration for all things, she is my adoration.

My friend, Daniel Perez, is a salt of the earth gentleman with the heart of a giant. Without his positive encouragement I would have quit on more than a few occasions. Human beings need interaction and emotional support and love from their network of people. It’s a natural thing and it’s fantastic.

I love coming into work every day knowing that I have people I work with that I have adopted as family. They support me and care about my health because they know it is important to me. Everyone should foster their “circle of trust.”

Third, USANA products work and are a blessing in the lives of those who get to utilize them. I use a wide range of USANA products to assist me along my path and will always do so. Products I have a special affinity for include: Fibergy Plus, USANA Snacks, Mega Antioxidant, Chelated Mineral, BiOmega and Active Calcium.

Go Get It, USANA!

Good luck to each of you as you reach for new heights in your own personal levels of fitness. As a member of the USANA family, I would like to lay down the gauntlet to you, my fellow travelers. We have the tools. We have the support. We have an awesome USANA family. Let’s go get it!

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