Being #USANA14’s Man on the Street (In a Floppy Hat)

I learned a lot of lessons at #USANA14. I hope you did, too. But there was one thing that was bigger and more important than the rest. Come in close, and I’ll share it.

You don’t wear a floppy hat, you become one with it.

Was it a hat made for a woman? I have to assume so. But was it floppy enough for a man? Absolutely.

I wore my floppy hat for four glorious days during Convention, and I honestly miss it. Seeing the world from underneath a constantly undulating material really rounds off the sharp edges and makes everything totally OK.

And the looks people give you are wonderful—a mix of surprise, jealousy, and giddiness. Nobody ever feels anything less than amazing when wearing a floppy women’s beach hat inside of a brightly lit convention center. Try to prove me wrong. I dare you.

Best of all, the floppy hat took my work during #USANA14 to a whole new level. I was looking for my very best, and I found it hidden underneath that wavy beauty. It’s always in the last place you look.

We recorded some really fun—and slightly informative—videos while I was under the floppy enchantment of the hat. Enjoy a few of our favorites, and look for more on our other social channels soon.

But I wasn’t the only one doing great things during Convention. Check out our Best of #USANA14 Storify to see our favorite tweets, Instagrams, and more from 2014 International Convention.


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