Drink Up: 24-Hour Nutrimeal Challenge

USANA Nutrimeal Challenge Featured

USANA Nutrimeal Challenge Featured

Something incredible is happening and many of you are part of it. Actually, many of you are it. You are the individuals who are making it incredible.

The 24-hour Nutrimeal™ Challenge is taking Facebook by storm.

What is the 24-Hour Nutrimeal Challenge? In its simplest terms, it’s when:

One person makes and chugs a USANA Nutrimeal meal-replacement shake, pops a HealthPak™ and films it to post on social media.

The challenger then throws down the gauntlet, challenging others in his or her social network to complete the challenge within 24 hours. If the challenge isn’t completed properly or in the allotted time, a Rev3 Energy® drink is owed.

Phi Le starting it all with his 24-Hour Nutrimeal Challenge video.

Phi Le, a USANA Director, starting it all with his 24-Hour Nutrimeal Challenge video.

Originated by Phi Le, a USANA Director from Northern California, the 24-Hour Nutrimeal Challenge is a healthy version of a similar alcohol-based challenge currently making the rounds on social media.

The Nutrimeal version quickly went viral.

It reached Associates and USANA Corporate folks internationally — Colombia, England and New Zealand, among others — in a matter of days. It got people asking questions. It rallied a community. It proved (and is proving) to be a lot of fun.

“My goal in the beginning was to make something that would go viral,” Phi says. “I saw these alcohol challenges that were going viral and thought, why not Nutrimeal? Seeing how fast it spread was so crazy! And once it hit the corporate office, it got more and more exciting!”

It’s true. Longtime friend Edward Rondaris on Thursday tagged me to complete the challenge. I loved the idea and created my own video (thank you, everyone, for not calling me out for not downing a HealthPak; an oversight on my part, but I think Jim Bramble made up for it).

A Viral Sensation

I spent the weekend watching dozens of Challenge videos and continued to be impressed by the creativity, which seemed to ratchet up as the Challenge progressed. (Note: All videos might not be viewable to everyone, depending on individual users’ privacy settings.)

Dai Danh kicks it up a notch.

Dai Danh kicks it up a notch.

Dai “Batman” Danh completed the Challenge shortly before having his wisdom teeth pulled (wishing you the best, Dai). Carlos Pastrana, USANA’s general manager in Colombia, had some fun in superhero garb as well.

Tom Vidal, an Associate in Utah, upped the ante by gulping his Nutrimeal while hanging from a bar and doing flutter kicks. Amazing!

For “Pi Day” (March 14, or 3.14), Aaron Yip drank a Lemon Pie Nutrimeal.

Families were featured, as evident in these videos by Dan Macuga and Zak Ross, and mini-movies were made (great job Robin and Jim Molleur, and Viola Hug).

Brion Armstrong, on the field development team in the Home Office, blended up a gourmet shake and then challenged others to send in their own Nutrimeal recipes (Jenny Cao, Xylia Galias, and Monet Turner were among the many who shared their recipes).

Nutrimeal Challenge - Lori TrumanLori Truman, vice president of U.S. field development, went “limited edition” with Cappuccino Nutrimeal and a SWEET BlenderBottle®.

Even Elvis enjoys a Nutrimeal now and then.

Phi, in addition to his original video, created this one that featured a secret ingredient, a special guest and a halo of birds! A few Phi’s favorite Challenge videos included Dai’s above, this one by Nick Taylor and this one by Jeffrey Fulgencio.

But that’s a mere slice of what’s online.

There are many, many other videos that demonstrate the passion and creativity of the USANA Family (check out the #24hrNutrimealChallenge or #24HourNutrimealChallenge hashtags on Facebook).

If you have a favorite video (there are tons of awesome ones out there), please share the link in the comments.

“I think this challenge says a lot about the USANA family,” Phi says. “We really are like a family without borders! Everyone is connected, everyone loves their Nutrimeals, and I love seeing all the different personalities in the videos!”

Nutrimeal Challenge Products

Your Chance to Participate

If you haven’t been tagged in the Challenge, consider this an open invitation to complete the 24-Hour Nutrimeal Challenge! Go for it! Post your video on Facebook and don’t forget to include the #24hrNutrimealChallenge and #24HourNutrimealChallenge hashtags in your video description.

Note: All videos might not be viewable to everyone, depending on individual users’ privacy settings.

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