Instagram’s Top Women in Fitness

Staying motivated to eat healthy and get to the gym can be really hard. But you know what’s not hard? Scrolling through your Instagram feed. If you’re like me, you do it multiple times a day.

We all know that Instagram is full of cats, dogs, food and selfies, but it’s also a great source for inspiration if you know where to look.

Here are 10 Instagram accounts of women that keep us inspired even on our laziest days.

1. Jen Sinkler makes great, 15 second workout videos to get you off your couch and into the gym. If you want to be “unapologetically strong” too, she’s the one to follow.

2. Healthy food, exercise tips and motivational quotes. It’s all here.

3. Kettle Bell Bombshell. It’s all in the name.

4. Losing the baby weight is really hard. Kristy from Baby Fit Gym will help you think of your workout in a new way. Plus, it’s super cute.

5. She Rocks Fitness gives you practical, bite-size tips for staying healthy and motivated!

6. As a Sports Illustrated editor and model, Nora Tobin knows a thing or two about staying in shape.

7. Tanya Poppett from Achieving Balance will seriously make you want to do sit-ups all the time. And run on the beach. And stand on your head. 


8. Inspiration for days! 


9. Those biceps are bonkers at any age, but when you find out that Jody from Truth2BeingFit is 57…mind blown!

#Fitat57 #FitOver50 – One of my favorite #biceps exercise is incline curls. Shown here is a drop set from standard dumbbell incline curls to hammer incline curls. Of course some of the #video is fast speed to get more in but slower in parts so you can see the move. 1. Control the weight so you're not throwing it around or using other muscle groups like shoulders to do it. Do your best to keep arms/elbows from traveling forward. Try to keep them planted to side. I vary incline from workout to #workout AND PLS USE LIGHTER WEIGHT ON THESE THAN UPRIGHT ONES!!! It's much tougher from incline position. 2. You can do all regular curls or all hammer curls or mix it up. I PUT MY FEET OUT AS SHOWN IN VIDEO TO FORCE MYSELF TO CONCENTRATE ON #core TOO. 3. I also do these on a cable machine. You can see me doing V shaped cable curls on an older #videogram. I use that machine but do an incline curl variation. I also do the V curls on the incline with dumbbells. 4. HOME – Use your resistance bands. Hook it around stable pole or furniture leg behind you so when you curl, it mimics this. Try to keep those arms to side of body. #WomenOver50 #bodybuilding #girlsthatlift #muscles #weights #weighttraining #weightlifting #Fitfluential #fitnessmotivation #ffcheckin #doyouevenlift #exercise #ageisjustanumber #healthyliving #lifestyle #gym #gymtime #gymrat #lift4life @fabletics top, @underarmourwomen @underarmour capris, @hokaoneone #runningshoes

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10. Kelly’s sense of humor is enough to convince even the most skeptical amongst us that running can be fun! 


What are your favorite types of accounts to follow on Instagram – tell us in the comments! 

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