USANA Associate Shares Message of Hope After Losing 320 Pounds

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The following is a guest post written by Hattie Montgomery, a USANA Associate who has lost 320 pounds through diet, exercise and a lot of hard work. She recounts her weight loss journey below.

Hattie Montgomery in 2008.

Imagine being 530 pounds. You know your life is slowly slipping away, and you’ve allowed that to happen because of all the pain you endured. But there’s this yearning inside you to live, to save your life. Where do you go? What do you do?

That was me three years ago.

Faced with an enormous task, I found myself wondering where to even begin. The first year, I practiced a calorie-restricted diet of lean proteins, fruits and vegetables, eliminating all refined carbs and sugars from my diet. The only exercise I could do was a bit of walking. It was slow and painful, but the more I tried to do it, the further I could go. After that first year I had lost 180 pounds and knew my life-altering journey was really happening.*

I’ve always been the person who researches and tries things out. I began exploring protein shakes and protein bars to add to my diet plan. I tried so many, I lost track, but they all gave me the spike then crash reaction.

That’s when my life and journey took a turn. I was plateauing with my weight loss. I knew I had to revamp my diet and expand my exercise, but again, I was left with the questions of what do I do. Then I met Matt Ryan and was introduced to USANA. I tried the RESET program and lost 8 pounds, jumpstarting my weight loss again. As I used the USANA program, I was ecstatic to finally find products that left me feeling energized and didn’t leave me needing a nap two hours later from the terrible crash.*

Hattie works out at the gym.

Hattie works out at the gym.

I began practicing the transform phase and was amazed at how easy the program was to follow. One thing that I found myself struggling with was planning my days and meals.  There is such an emotional connection to food, so when I have a plan laid out for me that’s quick and easy to follow, it makes my life so much easier.  I believe in this program so much because of the quality of products, but also because it’s the first time that I haven’t been stressed or worried about what to eat. I have been following the USANA Transform program now for two years, along with the daily MyHealthPak™ vitamins, and would never go back to any other plan.

I also ventured out and tried adding more activity into my routine. After Year 1, I could move, and so I decided I would try to take up tennis, practice yoga and even try jogging. I joined the gym and started working out with my personal trainer, Ray. Each week I do three days of resistance training and three days of cardio. I also spend time outside walking each day with my dog, Bear. In February, I competed in my gym’s indoor triathlon; I cried at the end because I just couldn’t believe how three short years ago I could hardly walk and now I was becoming the athlete I always dreamed of being.

By following the USANA program and adding more exercise to my plan, I lost an additional 140 pounds in two years.**

Hattie after losing 320 pounds.

Hattie after losing 320 pounds.

Imagine being 530 pounds and giving up on your life. Suddenly your life is blessed with an amazing company that believes in your success and happiness so much that they put out the best quality product and then take an active interest in your life. All of the pieces finally came together for me — the right eating program and supplements, the right exercise program, and an amazing group of people who love and support me unconditionally.

In three years I’ve lost 320 pounds. Yes, my life is forever changed, and I’m so grateful to have this amazing second chance to tell my story and spread the message of hope. It’s never too late, and USANA will be with you every step of the way.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.
**Individual results may vary. RESET weight-management system lowers your daily caloric intake and recommends moderate exercise for best results. Average results are 4.5 lbs. in five days.
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    1. Thank you Tim, can’t wait to meet you and the rest of the group when I get there! Life is so amazing 🙂

  1. What a powerful message! Hallie, thank you so much for sharing your story – we are thrilled for you and your healthy new life. Stick with it! Continue to learn about your body and all it’s wonderful systems, and their changing needs. USANA, Sanoviv & their research partners are continually discovering and developing new solutions to support you nutritionally. Please know that your USANA Family is cheering you on!

      1. No worries Paul. Thank you for your amazing comments. USANA has forever changed my life. I’m so thrilled to be a part of such a wonderful company and group of people. I truly do feel loved, encouraged and supported every day!

  2. What was your secret for persevering? I’m struggling with 35 lbs and find that I often want to give up. BTW I am so happy for you! Your story is so inspiring. Thanks for showing us all what is possible.

    1. Hey Judie, I thought I replied to your message, but I actually did an individual post. If you look right below your message, you’ll see my response. Hope you have a great day!

  3. There were days it was so hard Judie, but setting attainable goals, praying/meditating (whatever works for you) daily to get focused and sticking with a routine are what worked for me. The USANA plan is so easy so it really takes the stress out of trying to figure out what to do as far as your eating plan. Your body will fight you in the beginning, but I found that if I just went out and walked or did some kind of activity it would help. Now by body craves that activity. Exercise relieves stress, helps your mental focus and just makes the day better. You don’t have to go hard all the time, even just a nice walk can re-focus you. It’s really such an amazing gift to have this second chance. I know my life is blessed and I’m honored to have this chance to help other people see that it’s never too late!

    You can knock out those 35 pounds! I believe in you.

  4. Congratulations Hattie! My maiden last name was Montgomery by the way. My fathers family is from Texas. Anyway, such an inspiring story. Thank-you!

    1. Hey Leslie, we are Texans too…my grandparents lived most of their 70 years of marriage in Austin. I was born and spent most of my life in Austin as well.

      Thanks for commenting on the story. It’s such a pleasure to get to share it. Have a great day 🙂

  5. Hattie Montgomery, I am at a loss for words, however I do know you realized something as I did when I lost my 140lbs with USANA, and that is buying clothes and begining a whole new wardrobe, turns out to be more expensive than it is to buy products and other things that helped you during your reset process ahahaha.

    You may not know me but I’d like to let it be known how proud I am of you! I’ve always been told hey this person lost this much, or they lost more than you and truly in my opinion it isnt how much you lose, its the fact that you lost it, and whether it be 300lbs or more, I know that on your weigh in day when you saw your goal number, not even you could believe it to be true.

    From that day forward you have accomplished a new life, and you’ve been granted a longer, happier and much more exciting life. There isn’t enough money or riches in the world that could compare to what you have accomplished. I truly hope you’ll be at this year’s 20th convention, it’d be an honor to have my picture taken with you and to also give you a hug 😀 . Glorious job.


    1. Hey Cody, thank you so much. It’s such an amazing feeling to wake up everyday and know I have a second chance. You have a great story as well and congrats to you for your weight loss. I believe life is always about growing, changing and learning so I tell everyone I’m a work in progress. We don’t have to strive for immediate perfection. Stepping out, having the courage to make a change and then finding that determination to make it happen are the keys to success. I will be at convention and look forward to meeting you as well.

      Hattie 🙂

  6. What a powerful story! Congratulations Hattie and giving yourself the chance and never giving up! I was reading through your workout regimen and wow, that takes discipline to remain consistent! Thank you so much for reaching out and sharing your story that will continue to touch millions of people! <3

    1. Hey Christina, I will be at convention. It will be my first one and I’m thrilled to be going. Can’t wait to meet everyone 🙂

      I’m honored to be called an inspiration!

  7. Thank you for sharing your message, Hattie. It is truly inspiring and brings hope to all that anything is possible when you believe! I am so proud of you! xo

    1. Veronica, you have been an amazing friend/supporter and I thank God everyday for wonderful people like you in my life. I’m proud to share my story to help people see it’s never too late and anything is possible!

  8. Not only inspirational, but a courage example of taking action! Congratulations Hattie hope to take a picture with you at convention of a beautiful inspirational woman! go girl 😉

    1. Thank you Fernando. Courage and determination are powerful things and once you find them you are un-stoppable! I will be at convention and will be honored to take a picture with you 🙂

  9. This was just the boost I needed. I have 110 lbs (140 total) to lose and have been trying meal plan after meal plan. With my emotional connection to food, the meal planning has been my hold back and I have stalled after losing my first 30 lbs.. I am so happy to have seen this!

  10. Congratulations Hattie…What a truely remarkable story.
    I struggle with weight loss everyday and have always had to. I am 45 years old and cant seem to get on a downward swing. Can you please point me in the right direction to get started. I have tried many things and like you I find it hard to get out there to walk because it hurts, however I do force myself to do it. I look forward to hearing from you and getting started on my life saving journey.
    Thank you so much for your inspiration.

  11. Amazing Hattie – kudos to you! Wow – determination is key.
    I must say the Usana products are amazing and I love the opportunity to share with others. Keep up the good workout!

  12. Amazing job, Hattie. I lost 52 consecutive pounds with RESET, before some serious life events gave me just the excuse I needed to lose momentum. Making better choices requires commitment and often some extra time (except, I can chug a serving of Nutrimeal in 30 seconds), and it's always worth the extra effort. I'm back on track and hope to have 60 pounds lost by the 2012 convention.

  13. Happy 4th, Hattie!!
    What a great accomplishment!!!! You have done and are doing what many would love have the will to do. The change is for the rest of your life; from personal experience, I will bet that you will never allow yourself to slip back to your old you. 🙂 It has been over 46 years since I went through that journey (wish I had USANA, then) Like you, I had to get in the right space in my head and go for it and keep going for it, because you will run into people who suggest you can relax, now. However, it is for the rest of your life or at least it has been for me. Congratulations!!! See you at Convention. Yay for you!!!!!

  14. Miss Montgomery, I found your story to be inspiring, empowering, and a testament to the belief in yourself, your faith and USANA Health Sciences. As you are aware of our body is self healing, if you put good things in good cells are develop. Like you as a USANA Associate, I have seen the positive and permanents changes that the USANA concept can deliver with proper diet and exercise. I will share your story during my Monday night conference call.
    Best wishes
    -darrel camble

  15. Your story Hattie and the wonderful comments supporting you, bought tears to my eyes what an inspiration for anyone who is continually struggling with a weight problem. It was a weight problem that put my Mum in an early grave, I watched her struggle for years. I so admire what you have acheived, you look marvellous, thank you for sharing your story.

  16. After I read your story in the USANA magazine then had my sponsor talk more about it, I began to consider the very real possibility of helping people with weight and lifestyle changes. As we all know this is very personal and must have the right motivation for anyone who is already obese to make their own decision to actually do it. Any advice that can be posted for us as professional health care providers about what to say to people who obviously need the changes but I have hated to have them think I am insulting them so I say nothing. What do you all suggest???? What is our best approach to people?

  17. Another amazing story I've read about Usana. It just takes discipline and hard work, and it is going to be worth it. Thank you Hattie for sharing. =)

    Usana is really changing lives! Would you like to change yours?

  18. Thanks for sharing your amazing success story. I am so glad that you found USANA and that you are now on the healthy pathway to losing weight. Well done we are all so proud of you.

  19. Congratulations Hattie. You’ve travelled an amazing journey to health and wellness. That is the POWER OF CONSISTENCY in the right direction. God Bless you.

  20. Great job Hattie! I just ordered the reset transform kit today, as I have allowed “life” to control me instead of me controlling life, which always leads to weight gain. Having had success in the past with RESET and knowing its value and power, its time to do this for longer than a couple of weeks to achieve my goals. Thank you for sharing your story!

  21. Hattie! I hope many more people can be touched by your story and transform their life as you did.
    This is the reason why we are all here.

  22. What an amazing story. Your transformation is gorgeous. How did you find the motivation to exercise.
    I’m having difficulty.

  23. What a amazing, and inspirational story you have to tell! You have done incredible! Keep up with this, you look awesome! I am just beginning this USANA transformation, I hope I can achieve what many others have! It is so much simpler with the shakes, bars, and nutritional!

  24. I’m using USANA for 2 weeks and I can really feel that it is working! proper exercise, balanced meal and my USANA?? P E R F E C T ! thanks! 🙂

  25. Hattie I am full of admiration for you! You are truly an inspiration to me. I to experienced many life traumas only to find my weight so high I didn’t know what to do.
    Then USANA entered my life. Yes, it truly does work. I’m hopeful to be the second poster girl for them as I have already lost 45lbs with another 100+ more to go. You instill hope into my heart knowing that it CAN be done and life will go on.
    Thank you Hattie and congratulations to you also!

  26. I only want to lose 70. I can barely move anymore. I'm approaching 50. I feel 80 or older… I'm too you g in my mi d to feel this way. My moms been with USANA for at least a decade. She's been trying to get and keep mme involved with it. Planning to start reset with my teen hypothyroid daughter. I'm craving the boost and inspiration to launch me on a similar path as yours. Thanks so much for posting!

  27. Just wondering how resilient your abdomen, thighs, buttocks and arm skin was during/after such amazing weight loss. I have 175 to loose and fear I will have to pay out thousands in cosmetic surgery to remove skin flaps and folds to prevent infection.

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