USANA13: My 5 Memorable Moments. What Are Yours?

It’s ended, but in a way it’s just beginning.

The beautiful thing about USANA International Convention (USANA13) is that when the actual event ends each August, the thousands who joined us for the best four days embark on a new start.

Once the announcements have been made — business- and product-related — and the energy levels are at an all-time high, there begins a full year of inspiring, motivating and changing lives.

And then the process begins again, this time with #USANA14.

For me, I just wrapped up my sixth international convention. It proved to be another remarkable week of meeting new people, reuniting with old friends and — a hybrid of the two — meeting/reuniting with individuals with whom I’ve interacted regularly on social media but hadn’t had the pleasure to meet in person.

So my 5 Memorable Moments from #USANA13 are personal to me, and they might not be your most memorable. But the great thing about social media, is that each of you has a voice — an opportunity to share your most memorable moments.

Please share in the comments! For now, here, in no particular order, is what I’ll remember most about #USANA13.

USANA13: Tim’s Memorable Moments

USANA13 Ambassadors

Thank you to our Social Media Ambassadors! We couldn’t do what we do without you.

1. Social Media Ambassadors: We obviously couldn’t do what we do without a strong and vibrant community. Understanding the importance of our best social media fans, we decided this year to reward a few with an exclusive Social Media Ambassador button.

USANA13 Ambassador ButtonAbout 200 of our fans received the button at #USANA13, and we’d like to take this opportunity once again to thank them for all their work in sharing the USANA excitement on social media. We’ve also compiled a photo album with several of the Ambassadors who stopped by our social media booth throughout convention.

Obviously our community is much larger than that, but these select few are the individuals who have been with us for years — some of whom were following us from the beginning — and who have remained loyal throughout. We’re expecting this club to grow over the years, so look for your opportunity to be an Ambassador in the future.

2. Social Media Goes Live: I knew long ago I wanted the social media team to eventually broadcast live from events. We did a test run at the Gen Now Summit earlier this year and planned to live stream regular broadcasts from #USANA13. We did six broadcasts and they were a lot of fun and I hope the viewers who watched them live felt a little closer to convention.

If you missed the live broadcasts, be sure to check out our USANA Live! page on What’s Up, USANA? to see what you missed. We’ll be doing more of these from around the Home Office and at future events, so stay tuned.

USANA13 Instagram

More than 4,300 photos were uploaded to Instagram using the #USANA13 hash tag. We displayed many of our favorites on the big screen at the social media booth.

3. #USANA13 on Instagram: I’m pretty sure #USANA13 will be referred to as “The Instagram Convention,” at least from a social media perspective. A quick search shows more than 4,500 images and videos shared on the photo-driven platform using the #USANA13 hash tag (and I’m sure many more were posted without the tag).

We also shared many of our favorites on the big screen at the social media booth (thanks to Jessica for selecting and uploading hundreds of photos). I encourage you to scroll through the photos to relive the excitement of #USANA13.

USANA13 Elizabeth Rider - Kate Northrup

USANA’s Kate Northrup and Elizabeth Rider explained the importance of social media — and taught training stage attendees how to use social media effectively and efficiently.

4. Social Dynamos: So many individuals were tweeting, Facebooking, Instagramming, and more during #USANA13 that it really provided an extra element for attendees and non-attendees alike. Yet there’s still a segment that is a little lost when it comes to social media.

Fortunately, Elizabeth Rider and Kate Northrup were there to break it down for this group (and everyone, really). The incredible social media staff — Jessica, Boyd, Dave, Nick, Doug, Allie and others — also answered a multitude of questions at the social media station in the store throughout the four-day event.

My favorite bit of advice from Kate and Liz’s packed social media training: Focus on providing value, be interested, ask questions. It’s all about determining what your audience needs — and then giving it to them.

USANA13 - wifi

The free #USANA13 wifi helped ensure thousands of Facebook posts, tweets, Instagrams and other social media got shared with the world.

5. Awesome WiFi!: Perhaps the unsung hero of communicating socially is WiFi. I mean, if you can’t connect you can’t share, right?

I’d like to tip my cap to USANA Studios’ Mike Rytting and the Salt Palace for providing exceptional wireless connectivity during #USANA13. I didn’t have any problems with connecting or speed, and I know the 7,000 or so in attendance — especially our international visitors — greatly appreciated the free wifi.

Next year: Expand wireless to EnergySolutions Arena, right? I’ll see what I can do. 🙂

Thank You!

Thank you everyone for joining us either in person or virtually. Don’t forget to register for our free webinar on Aug. 26. We’ll talk a little about #USANA13 and answer your questions about social media.

If you have questions you’d like us to answer, please leave them in the comments of this blog post.

We’re proud to bring you the freshest content on the web! Follow USANA on Twitter, like our USANA Facebook page and enjoy the latest videos on the official USANA YouTube channel.

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3 replies
  1. Debbie Smith
    Debbie Smith says:

    My greatest moment was realizing how much Dr. Wentz, Dave and his team care about health. The changes in the comp plan show how much they are willing to do to help people get healthy and at the same time create wealth. It is an honour to be a part of this company.

  2. Renee Whittington
    Renee Whittington says:

    So many great moments! Serving others vs. selling. I love it. Round Table Discussion with Simon Chan, Scott McGee & Michael Callejas. The discussion was awesome. The nugget I took away from that discussion is: If you feel you are not successful then you are too comfortable. Hit me like a lead balloon! The love of the vision of helping others with Dr. Wentz, Dave Wentz & Dr. Oz. Darren Hardy with Jim Rohn. Jordan Kemper on Saturday speaking totally from his heart! Thank you, USANA, this was my favorite convention.


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