Connect with USANA’s Management Team

Are you twitterpated with Twitter? Do you get tweets on your phone? Are you constantly checking your feed?

Whether you’re a Twitter devote or just a casual visitor, Twitter can help you connect with others who have the same interests and keep you updated about the things you care about.

That’s why members of the USANA Management Team have Twitter accounts, too. Keep up to date with all things USANA by following them at the Twitter handles below.

  • Dave Wentz, USANA CEO — @Dave_Wentz
  • Roy Truett, Chief Operating Officer — @RoyTruett
  • Kevin Guest, President of North America — @USANA_Kevin
  • Dan Macuga, Chief Communications Officer — @Dan_Macuga
  • Doug Braun, Vice President of Marketing — @douglasbraun
  • Michelle Merriwether, Vice President of United States Field Development — @merriwetherm
  • Shawn McLellend, Vice President of Media and Events — @USANA_Shawn
  • Alan Bergstrom, Vice President of Customer Relations — @USANA_Alan

Also, don’t forget to follow:


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