USANA Joins the Canadian Health Food Association

Canadian Health Foods Association

We are adding our voice to the conversation about natural health in Canada. USANA has joined the Canadian Health Food Association (CHFA) — the largest trade organization in Canada dedicated to natural health and organic products.

Canadian Health Food AssociationFor our Canadian readers, you may have seen the CHFA logo on natural or organic products, and we’re proud to be a member.

The CHFA represents the interest of thousands of natural-health and organic product manufacturers and distributors.

The association works with government and regulatory bodies to ensure fair regulations. And most importantly, the CHFA is committed to providing access to safe and effective natural-health products for all Canadians.

“Becoming a member of a much-respected unit like CHFA adds credibility to our company while also demonstrating our level of commitment to producing the highest-quality products available,” said Ved Nikolic, USANA director of marketing and communications in Canada.

Their mission and commitment to health make CHFA and USANA a great fit. And our membership also helps you as a USANA entrepreneur.

You know we utilize industry-leading manufacturing practices to produce the highest-quality products available. Adding the credibility that comes with membership in such a respected organization to the mix gives you even more to talk about when you share USANA with those interested in loving life and living it.

We’re excited about joining the CHFA. It’s important we join the conversation about natural health and support those advocating for the health products industry. Find out more about what they do at the CHFA website.

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