Expanding the Filipino Market in Canada

USANA Canada Filipino

USANA Philippines is one of the company’s fastest-growing markets. With that in mind, USANA Canada is taking steps to welcome Filipinos halfway across the world.

A recent Statistics Canada report shows that Tagalog is now the fastest-growing language in Canada. Tagalog has become the most common immigrant home language in Edmonton and the second-most common in Calgary, after Punjabi.

Vancouver, which is home to one of the largest population of Filipinos in Canada, is leading the way for a Filipino USANA expansion!

Recently, a group of Filipino Associates has started regular Tagalog Health & Freedom meetings at the USANA Richmond office.

The meetings, however, aren’t just for those who are Filipino and speak Tagalog — everyone is welcome to enjoy the food and the culture, as well as learn more about USANA.

Vincent Chan Filipino Meeting 2

6-Star Diamond Directors Annette and Victor Que started conducting regular Mabuhay meetings with food, music and a Health & Freedom presentation presented in Tag-lish (a mixture of Tagalog and English). Week after week, the meetings get bigger and better and the energy is over the top.

“Everyone is excited about the growth in the Philippines,” Victor says. “We don’t need to go all the way there; we have a lot of Filipinos here and can create the same growth and momentum in Canada.”

USANA Canada Filipino

Welcoming a Younger Crowd

GenYVR members Emannuel Carino and Dan Raymundo are also taking part in spearheading the Filipino expansion by hosting regular Health & Freedom meetings geared toward a younger crowd. This is the first set of meetings they’ve hosted and the pair is doing a great job.

Utilizing the smaller conference room at the Richmond office, the bi-weekly Tuesday meetings have been overflowing with people since they started.

Sometimes, the people attending are evening split into two groups and Emman and Dan will do the presentation two different times in one night. These guys are determined to grow the Filipino market in Canada and of course, their USANA business.

Join In

Whether you speak Tagalog or not, if you’re in the area we encourage you to check out one of our weekly and bi-weekly Filipino Health & Freedom meetings. Remember, we all know someone who can benefit from USANA, so why not bring them there?

The USANA Richmond office in Vancouver offers Health & Freedom meetings in Mandarin, English, Spanish and Tagalog, so take advantage of these opportunities to truly expand your business globally!

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  1. Susanne
    Susanne says:

    Impressive… Team LASERFocus doing an international call, weekly with our teams from the prairies who are reaching out to their friends and family across the globe. Building local and global is a great gift of USANA.


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