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Malaysia USANAAll around the world, USANA Associates are actively involved in their communities. They’re being recognized for their hard work and achieving life-long goals.

Here are just a few of their stories.


One day. That’s the time Associates took to their help their community.

On October 3, Associates and staff worked with those in need throughout five cities.

  • In Kuala Lumpur, they provided health check-ups and food for 200 homeless people.
  • In Penang, they interacted with 50 elderly and school children.
  • In Melaka, they cleaned and painted disabled residents’ homes.
  • And in i-City, Associates planned sensory activities for the Malaysian Association for the Blind.

In all of these locations, Associates donated food and supplies, and spent a lot of time connecting with the people of Malaysia.


Pin and Billy dela Fuente were featured in Celebrity Mom magazine for their leadership and helping to break negative stereotypes of the MLM industry. Often, these types of businesses are seen as suspicious and unviable. But exposure and success in the MLM industry helps repair its image, Pin and Billy say.

Last year, Pin was also featured on a digital exhibit of inspiring women to celebrate women’s month. Her photo received so much traction the domain could no longer handle the traffic.

For Pin, receiving such recognition shows the public proof that that there is good in this industry.

Growth 25 Trip

Of course our annual Success on the High Seas trip was full of fun excursions, dinners, and events for our esteemed Associates, but because we value giving back at USANA, it was more than just fun in the sun. It USANA Growth 25 Tripalso included several local service projects in Aruba.

Associates donated a plethora of school supplies to support local schools. In order to get a deeper connection to the communities they were helping, they were given the option to help clean up those schools instead of going on traditional cruise excursions.

On October 14, a large group went to several different locations, cleaning up trash and painting classrooms and gyms. Mei Tsui was one of the volunteers. Watch the video of her experience here.


Terry Chang, Director, is an avid long-distance cycler. His goal was to bike across North America, which he decided to do this summer.

His goal was to traverse 2,000 kilometers, through the Rocky Mountains and the central United States wilderness. His journey began in Vancouver, British Colombia, where he made his way to San Diego, California, and eventually joined other Associates in Salt Lake City in time for USANA’s International Convention to finish the journey.

Throughout his entire journey, he never got sick or experienced residual effects from previous health issues. “These results make me overjoyed!” Terry said of seeing his dream become a reality.

Amazing feats. Helping others. Breaking stereotypes. These are a few examples of the many accomplishments the USANA family is doing around the world.

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