USANA Growth 25: Arriving in Style

Members of USANA’s Growth 25 arrived in style at one of the top resorts in the Caribbean.

From a rousing welcome to lavish dinner, the first day of the 2012 Growth 25 retreat is one for the books.

Members of USANA’s Growth 25 flew in to Punta Cana from all corners of North America on Thursday. The United States…Canada…Mexico…Each nation was represented as members of this illustrious group arrived in the Dominican Republic for the 2012 Growth 25 retreat. (Read about my arrival in yesterday’s blog.)

USANA’s management team personally greeted each Associate, though unlike at the Home Office, there wasn’t a suit or necktie in sight. The management team wore sandals, t-shirts, and shorts — swimming trunks, even — as if to say to each new arrival, “You’re family.” Because by the end of this trip, they will be.

Here’s a video from Day 1, courtesy of Brian Paul.


If you’re unable to view the video, please visit the USANA YouTube channel

Things started off with expedited check-in at the exclusive Paradisus Palma Real Resort (USANA had already taken care of all the hairy details that come with checking in) so the guests were free to sip painfully delicious tropical fruit drinks in the USANA hospitality lounge instead.

After that, the afternoon was theirs — some walked along the beach, others lounged by the pool, and just about everyone took pictures. There’s so much to see here, so much to do. But really, more than anything, the Palma Real can be summed up in two words:

All inclusive.

And they mean it. The food is free. (There are at least a half-dozen gourmet restaurants on site serving local and international fare.) The drinks are free. (And too numerous to count.) The room service, merengue lessons, entertainment, and everything else — free.

And for good measure, there’s also the full-service spa and a restaurant run by 7-star Michelin Chef Martin Berasategui, both available at ridiculously reasonable prices.

All told, the Palma Real is a place where members of the Growth 25 can pull up a lounge chair, order dessert, and relax without a care in the world. The real trick is getting them to leave their rooms (which are — you guessed it — amazing).


Everyone met at the Welcome Reception once the sun went down, where there was networking, dinner, and even a little dancing. I went back to my room early to write this blog, but judging from the Dominican band playing down by the pool, the party is still going strong. In fact, things are just heating up.

Check back with What’s Up, USANA? tomorrow for an insider’s glimpse into the business meeting with Growth 25 members and USANA’s management team, plus a Jeep excursion into the jungles of the Dominican Republic.


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