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USANA Growth 25: Destinations & Journeys

The sun rose with a whimper on the final day of USANA’s 2012 Growth 25 retreat, as though it had partied a little too hard the night before. But that didn’t stop anyone around here. Free day. I found myself in the back of a truck, once more heading inland. There were around 25 of […]

USANA Growth 25: Plunder & Pirates

Isla Tortuga was a pirate’s paradise. Just off the coast of Hispaniola, pirates long since immortalized used the island as a place of safety and as a jumping-off point to raid, pillage, and plunder their way across the Caribbean. The area is still a paradise. Hispaniola, to the south, has long since been divided into […]

USANA Growth 25: Giving Back

As is usually the case with USANA, business came first Friday morning. Members of the Growth 25 met with USANA’s management team at the 2012 Growth 25 retreat in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic (check out the previous stories in this series) where they discussed some very serious issues. The topic? USANA’s future. The future of […]

USANA Growth 25: Arriving in Style

Members of USANA’s Growth 25 arrived in style at one of the top resorts in the Caribbean. From a rousing welcome to lavish dinner, the first day of the 2012 Growth 25 retreat is one for the books. Members of USANA’s Growth 25 flew in to Punta Cana from all corners of North America on […]

USANA Growth 25: All in a Day’s Work

USANA Associates across North America are arriving in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic today for USANA’s 2012 Growth 25 retreat. Check things out a day early and learn what it’s like at the friendliest place on earth. ——– The day began as if under protest. Cold and rainy, the indifferent sun didn’t rise so much as […]