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USANA Test Kitchen: Veggie Pasta Salad

Barbecue season is officially in full swing and cookouts are notorious for featuring unhealthy food. Instead of picking up another bag of potato chips or plate of cookies from the store, make a delicious, fresh veggie pasta salad. Growing up, my mom would make boxed pasta salads. Over time, she began to branch out and […]

USANA Test Kitchen Winner! Crumbly ‘Nana Muffins

I consider myself a decent cook, but a much better baker. So when Sarah Flinn asked me to help out with the #RESETNation recipe contest in March, I jumped at the chance to try some new recipes. OK, I really just wanted to bake. So we split up the recipes in the sweet and savory […]


5 Lessons I Learned My First Time Rock Climbing

“I don’t think I’ve ever climbed a tree.” This was my thought a few hours after my first attempt at rock climbing. I probably should have realized it sooner. But I’m glad I didn’t. If I had, I wouldn’t have even attempted to rock climb in Utah’s beautiful American Fork Canyon. My first time “rock […]

USANA Test Kitchen: Peanut Chicken Stir-Fry

Making a healthy dinner every night during the week can be difficult. And I’m only cooking for my husband and myself! I can’t imagine having to appease children—especially picky eaters. (I know, I was one. Sorry, Mom.) With limited time to prepare a meal in the evenings, it’s easy to turn to unhealthy fast food […]

USANA Test Kitchen: Heart-Healthy Lasagna Roll-Ups

The term “heart-healthy” doesn’t necessarily conjure thoughts of delicious food. But I’m going to help turn that around. Even incorporating a few heart-healthy foods into your diet can make a big impact on your health — and they can taste good, too. Since it’s American Heart Month — and Valentine’s Day is right around the […]

USANA Test Kitchen: Rev3 Pomegranate Gelatin

Fun fact: Jell-O is the unofficial state snack of Utah. And not just any Jell-O — lime Jell-O with crushed pineapple or carrots. It was even featured on a highly sought pin for the 2002 Winter Olympics. Yes, it’s that iconic — and strange. That’s probably why you’ll find a gelatin dish of some sort […]