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Facebook Events: Key to Your Event-Planning Strategy

Who else uses Facebook to help them remember stuff? From wishing your co-worker a happy birthday to helping you match a face to a name from that time in 2010 when you went on vacation but can’t recall the restaurant where you had the most amazing sushi—Facebook is there to help jog your memory. Similarly, […]

On Facebook, Think Twice and Click Once (or Not at All)

A scroll through a Facebook newsfeed can play Ping-Pong with your emotions. Inspiring and depressing. Funny and sad. Hopeful and hopeless. The ride can be dizzying. Take this heartbreaking news item, for instance: “Dog badly burned and disfigured trying to save his family from a house fire.” Wait, what? Are you serious? Horrible news! How […]

Top 10 USANA Social Media Moments of 2015

As the hustle and bustle of the holiday season lowers the curtain on another incredible year, we as a social media team already are looking ahead to 2016. That’s the nature of social media, I suppose. It’s fast-moving and ever-evolving. It’s never dull. As always, we couldn’t do what we do without you—our readers, followers, friends, and […]

Social Media: Get Your Event Guests Sharing

Entrepreneurs are experts at using social media to help generate buzz leading up to their meetings or events. But when the big day arrives, organizers are focused on ensuring the meeting room is set up properly, the audio-visual equipment is working, and that the presenters are all accounted for. Creating a social media-friendly environment isn’t top of mind. […]

Blogging Strategies to Build Your Brand

Isn’t blogging so 2005? I mean, today we obsessively scroll through our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram feeds. Then we stare on sites like YouTube, Snapchat, WeChat, Meerkat and Periscope—all of which are fighting for our attention in a saturated social landscape. Where does blogging—some might call it long(ish) form social media—fit in? I will continue to […]

Why You Need to Embrace Digital Communications

For today’s business owners, one thing is certain: You need to wholeheartedly embrace digital communications to not only thrive, but also to simply survive. Don’t take that to be gloom-and-doom if you haven’t yet integrated this sort of communication into your business plan. Instead, see it as an opportunity to implement some digital tactics into […]