history of vitamins
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The History and Discovery of Vitamins Through The Ages

A History of Vitamin Discovery Throughout the Ages There’s no question that the nutrients we take in play a major role in our health. In fact, we’ve got centuries of trial and error to prove it. If it wasn’t for hundreds of years…
build a blog
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Why Your Business Needs a Blog (and How to Get Started)

Running your own business can be hard. It requires a lot of time, dedication, and persistence. You have to worry about time management, increasing sales, managing supply and demand, and answering all those e-mails. Of course, if…
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5 Dark Chocolate Health Benefits

Valentine’s Day! Yay or groan, depending on your personal relationship with the holiday. Okay, by nature I’m a cynical person so fuzzy holidays tend to make my eyes roll REAL far in the back of my head. Last Valentine’s Day I ended up…

The Best Superfoods for Beautiful Skin (Infographic)

What’s the trick to beautiful, healthy skin? Well, one of them is getting proper nutrition. A great way to get started is incorporating what’s known as superfoods into your diet. So what are superfoods? Superfoods are usually plant-based,…
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A How-To Guide for Winter Workouts

Protect Your Body with Layers and Stretching It is important to warm up and stay warm for your winter workouts. Whether you are skiing, running, or snow shoeing, it's crucial to warm up your tendons, joints, and muscles before you work out.…