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Networking in our business is, simply put, vital. Social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, and many others provide an effective and convenient way for you to connect, network, and develop meaningful business relationships.

When you think about it, social networking was tailor-made for network marketing.

If you’re not already connected with USANA’s plethora of social media channels, we encourage you to visit the USANA Corporate Social Media page on this blog.

Once connected, you’ll want to display USANA pride, right? Of course.

We’ve made it easy for you to brand your blog, fancy-up your Facebook, and tout your Twitter.

We’re excited to offer you a variety of USANA Social Media Digital Downloads.

Informational Materials

  • Beginner’s Guide to Social Media: A one-sheet explaining the benefits of engaging on social media and helpful hints on getting the most out of the sites.
  • Compliance Dos and Don’ts: A must-read one-sheet for all USANA Associates and Preferred Customers. This outlines what is and what is not appropriate to post.
  • Compliance FAQs: If the one-sheet flyer doesn’t answer your questions, this dynamic list of FAQs should. If your question still isn’t answered, please e-mail us and we’ll try to get you an answer — and include the question/answer when we update the FAQs.
  • Social Media Policy (Associates): We want to make sure all Associates are using social media properly and effectively. Please refer to USANA’s Social Media Policy (Associates) (PDF) if you are unsure whether the content you are posting on Facebook, Twitter, a blog or any other social site is compliant and appropriate.
  • Social Media Tips: A What’s Up, USANA? blog series designed to help you navigate the world of social media. Peruse the 30+ posts and keep checking back for new installments.
  • Social Media Training Videos: Originally posted on, these training videos — Social Media 101 and Social Media 201 — provide basic and slightly more advanced information to help you make the most out of social media (login required)


Nothing draws attention on social media more than a compelling Facebook cover photo or an eye-popping Twitter background.

Social Icons 2013Our design team has created nearly two dozen images that you’re welcome to use as blog, Twitter, and YouTube backgrounds, as well as specific images perfect to use as your Facebook cover photo.

We’ve divided them in to five themes. Each theme includes a Facebook cover photo, a Twitter background image, a YouTube background image, and a general background image that’s perfect for a blog or your computer desktop.

Each link downloads a .zip file to your computer. Download one or all the themes today!

If you’re looking to spruce up Twitter’s new header space (1,500 x 500 pixels), here are a few designs:

Here are individual images (560 x 260 pixels) featuring the USANA Independent Associate logo that are perfect for branding your Twitter header. Right-click the following links to save the images to your computer.

And here is the USANA Brand Promise in various languages:

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Updated October 2014