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As pet owners, I’ve been known to treat my cat like my child. Minnie drinks from a special fountain that aerates her water, hangs out on a cat perch that’s built into our family room wall and eats the most natural, nutritious cat food we can afford. So if you’re like me, you probably care a lot about your pet’s health.

Enter Drs. Rick Lusk and Scott Echols. Both are former Texas Veterinarians of the Year. Dr. Echols was also named the International Bird Practitioner of the Year. Both are highly regarded veterinarians who believe that we can translate what USANA has done for human health into the veterinary world. They’ve been recommending USANA products to pet owners for over a decade and now have a network of over 100 veterinarians recommending the products, too.

If you’re a dog owner, Drs. Lusk and Echols have some recommendations for you to improve your dog’s health using USANA nutritionals (of course, make sure to consult with your veterinarian before starting any program):
USANA biomega

BiOmega for Pet Owners

1) Use BiOmega as a daily supplement, particularly if your dog has kidney related problems. Feed BiOmega directly to your pet or squirt over his/her food. Research has shown that fish oil not only helps with kidney disease, but may alleviate chronic brittle nails, reduce certain allergy symptoms and decrease inflammatory response in degenerative joint disease, among other things. They recommend one capsule per 40 pounds of dog weight per day.


Procosa for Arthritis

2) Give Procosa to your large dog with arthritis. Try hiding it inside peanut butter or a tasty treat. Give 1 tablet per 40 pounds of dog weight per day.

Pure Rest for Phobias

3) Try Pure Rest for your dog with noise phobia. It may help to calm your pet. The dose varies with the dog, but generally give 1-3 tablets 30 minutes prior to a stressful event such as a thunderstorm or fireworks display.

For the past few years, both Dr. Lusk and Dr. Echols have been traveling around the country educating fellow veterinarians about the importance of certain nutrients to animal health, about the research that support supplement use for pets and on how to use nutritionals safely. The added benefit to both veterinarians and pet owners alike, they tell me, is that compared to other pet supplements on the market, USANA’s supplements are the highest quality and also affordable. And because USANA uses the best ingredients possible and follows FDA Good Manufacturing Practices, cautious pet owners like you and me can feel safer using USANA nutritionals.

Talking to Drs. Lusk and Echols, it’s obvious the passion they feel for USANA’s products and the potential it has to improve the health of our beloved pets. In the end, when our pets are healthy, we feel happier. And when we’re happier, we’re healthier, yes? You couldn’t ask for more.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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  1. Tom Finn
    Tom Finn says:

    I started our miniature Australian Shepherd on 1/2 a BodyRox and 1 Biomega-3 per day a few weeks before breeding her and continued it through her pregnancy and nursing. The rate of growth for her puppies is amazing. When they were 6 weeks old they weighed as much as she did at 12 weeks! She has recovered beautifully and is still nursing them at almost 7 weeks. Most dogs are worn out and dried up by 4-5 weeks.

  2. Hilary Akromis
    Hilary Akromis says:

    Thanks so much for the great info! I’ve been giving my boxers 2 Biomega, 6 Procosa, and 2 Mega Antioxidants a day. Champ my oldest boxer, 10, is also a cancer survivor! Charlie, 4, hasn’t had any health problems at all! I really hope in the very near future USANA will give even more recommendations and clinical trials of their success with animals with certain conditions. Thanks USANA!

  3. Thomas Padilla
    Thomas Padilla says:

    I have a +100 pound Lamb, can I feed her the USANA Essentials as well, or will that not benefit the Dog very well?

  4. Jodie Campbell
    Jodie Campbell says:

    Usana booths have been doing great at dog shows! Some of the top dogs in Canada are Usana users!! We get our new Boxer in a few days and I have his Usana products waiting for him =-) BioMega, Probiotic, Body Rox, Procosa are we have decided to give our dog daily.

  5. Rhonda Means
    Rhonda Means says:

    I have a friend who I cannot get to take the Essentials. (they’re too expensive) However, one of her dogs had gotten to the point that she (the dog) couldn’t even move one leg, she would drag it behind her. My friend’s daughter was telling my friend that she should put the dog to sleep. My friend said “No way. Just cuz she can’t walk on all fours doesn’t mean I’m going to do that.” At this point I told my friend to give her dog the Procosa and Proflavanol. She did! Within a couple of weeks, she was back out walking her dogs (she has 3) in the desert and now the dog that could only drag her leg behind her, is not only walking and running, but also can jump up into the car to go to the desert. My friend still won’t take the Essentials for herself, but she just ordered them for her dogs to go along with the Procosa and Proflanvanol C.

  6. Carol Benassi
    Carol Benassi says:

    Hi Diana. Can we give our pets Essentials? If so, what is the dosage? Also what is safe for cats? I run an animal rescue group, so this would be very helpful. Thanks!

  7. Joann Ness
    Joann Ness says:

    I have been giving Lucy our 7 yr old black lab Essentials, Procosa, Biomega for the last 1.5 yrs. She also loved the Optomega but my vet advised against flax oil. I also give her Visionex because she has contracted an autoimmune disease which was graying her eyes and now has to take Prednisolone drops daily. Lucy loves Usana!

  8. Hilary Akromis
    Hilary Akromis says:

    Hi Rhonda,

    It’s Hilary from above.. I’m have the same issue with my Boxer, who is 10 years old, dragging his back hind leg. He has a spinal cord disease where he’s losing feeling in his back legs.. very sad to watch. I just gave him the Proflavanol C200, and I’m praying that is the missing link in his recovery! I will keep yall posted!

    • Angel Cross
      Angel Cross says:

      Hi! Has this worked at all for your dog? Please let me know ! I have the same issue with my German shepherd 🙁

  9. Harry Amow
    Harry Amow says:

    USANA supplements has done wonders or my health after 3 brain operations in 2 days. Nutrimeal has also helped me to lose weight too & keep it down! I often wondered what if I could give my dog BiOmega for its heart. So now I know thanks to this article! Thank you USANA for everything! You’re the undisputed best in health care!

  10. Mark Holmes
    Mark Holmes says:

    When my mother in law died, I inherited a 14-year old dog whose legs were very arthritic. She used to give him aspirin, which research said was damaging to internal organs. We switched him to an expensive vet-prescribed glucosamine supplement and he improved within days – aspirin free. Unfortunately within 6 months his health declined on a number of fronts – advanced age combined with the aspirin. But there was no doubt, glucosamine in his food and as a standardized, clinical-strength supplement, made an immediate difference.

    Tip: To give a dog a tablet without a fuss, crush it up and mix it in with a tablespoon of peanut butter, ranch dressing, or something else the dog will consider a treat. A paper plate on the floor makes for a serving dish and entertainment.

  11. Gwen Burnell
    Gwen Burnell says:

    I have had the privilege to hear these two doctors speak. Following their advice taught me how to use the products on a daily basis. What I did not know was I would one day be challenged with our oldest dog becoming very ill. She was on the verge of being put down when I began using the essentials (she already was on procosa and omega). I am proud to say we had her for 2 more years before she passed in her sleep. We had to hide the taking of our own products because if the pets heard the rattle of any bottle they began to beg for their USANA Omegas. The lab still does it to this day.

  12. Diana Yin
    Diana Yin says:

    Thank you all for your wonderful comments and inspirational stories!

    As far as feeding USANA to your pet for the first time, we recommend you chat with your veterinarian before starting any program. I’ll be talking to my own vet soon about proper dosage for my cats. =)

  13. Cari McCune
    Cari McCune says:

    Excellent article, thank you! As a pet nutrition specialist I advocate & have been using Usana on my 2 Bichon’s. What a difference it has made! Food allergies have been reversed, joint issues managed or altogether eliminated, GI issues controlled and the list goes on!! My 2 get the essentials along with biomega, poly c (or proflavanol c100). For my 10 year old he additionally gets Coquinone 100 & procosa. They also regularly get the probiotic and digestive enzyme (particularly useful if gassy!!).
    cheers & good health to you & your pets. May you all Live Long and Pawsper!

  14. Cari McCune
    Cari McCune says:

    FYI, Usananimals contain xylitol can cause a dangerous insulin surge & at high doses is believed to be toxic to the cannine liver. I have 2 small dogs under 30 pounds & i simply snap the essentials in 1/2 & feed twice daily.

  15. Cari McCune
    Cari McCune says:

    Have you found answers to your questions? If not please feel free to contact me. Usana works for both species. I’d be happy to help!
    Cari McCune
    Dog Behaviour & Nutrition Specialist
    Live Long and Pawsper

    • Jyn
      Jyn says:

      I have a mini poodle, shes 14yrs old, she has arthritis and (not too bad though), she recently became blind on one eye due to glaucoma, also because of this she has been taking anti inflammatory drugs for extended periods of time, also she’s becoming really nervous dog, because of her blindness and age.
      I’m now feeding her home made food, I wanted to which usana supplements can I give her and the dose for each one; and can she have calcium also?
      She’s 3.800kg (8.3pounds)
      I’d really appreciate your help!
      thank you!

  16. Christiane Charbonneau
    Christiane Charbonneau says:

    Thanks for this great article! My 4 years old Golden retriever collapse last summer and was paralyzed on her left side for about an hour. Fortunately, she was on her four legs shortly after, acting like nothing happened. We had to run test to finally discover she has chronic arthirtis in her lower vertebras wich is really rare. When the vet suggested that we give her Glucosamine, I immediately had a light flashing in my head. I wasn’t gonna pay 35$ for a small bottle when I had the best at home for less! And Maya loves it. Every morning when she hears the rattle of my usana products, she sits beside me until I give her her procosa hidden in her favorite: Banana! We just Love Usana products!! 🙂

  17. Bonnie Martinez
    Bonnie Martinez says:

    I’ve been giving my 10 year old cat Freddie an 1/8 of the essentials and the flaxseed oil twice a day (should be a 1/4 twice a day but I think it upsets his stomach because of his low weight) because he has kidney and pancreas failure. He went from weighing 6.3 pounds to 7.6 in two weeks. Will Usana save his life? I don’t know, but I know it’s given him a better quality of life because not only has he put on weight, but his fur has gotten thicker, and he’s definitely gotten more playful. I’m thinking of switching over to the Biomega after reading the article above, but it says 1 pill for a 40lb dog. What about for a 7lb cat? Any suggestions?

  18. Loryn
    Loryn says:

    I have been giving my 50 lb golden usanimals. After reading this, it looks to be unsafe. Does anyone know the dosage of antioxidants to give ?

  19. Maria
    Maria says:

    I have been giving my Labrador retriever (who is now 13)Usana since 2006. Per day;Essentials 2 of each,1 each per meal. I also give her 3 tablets procosa (2am,one pm)and 1 tablet calcuim in the evening.

    Loryn..I have also given usanaanimals. I suggest 1 tablet per day. It’s not too much. Antioxidants actually slow down the aging process.

    P.S.My holistic vet tested my labradors cbc and chemistry blood test.
    She found, Usana stays in the blood.

  20. norma hidalgo m.
    norma hidalgo m. says:


  21. John Bowers
    John Bowers says:

    I was very suprised to find this blog while surfing the web. While there seems to be several sites on dog obedience it appears there are a small few that cover diet and supplements. So while this post was not exactly what I was searching for, there is some top notch info here.

  22. Alice
    Alice says:

    Wow! I’m new to Usana Products and was reading up on it and found Procosa helps with joint health and thought to search whether I can give my dog Procosa and this is the first site that appeared. This is amazing and will definately give this to my dog to try out!!! Will let you now the results!!!

  23. Aurora
    Aurora says:

    I give my dogs the USANA Kids and the BioOmega, plus our dog with arthritis, Procosa…USANA products are awesome!

  24. Carlos
    Carlos says:

    Aunque ya había escuchado comentarios de algunos amigos que le estaban dando a su mascota los productos USANA, es excelente tener de un profesional, las recomendaciones y dosis más convenientes. Gracias por estas referencias, ojalá publiquen otros post acerca de este tema.
    Saludos desde USANA México.

  25. Daniel Hunter
    Daniel Hunter says:

    We’ve given these products to our dogs and horses and have seen great health in our critters. Thanks USANA!

  26. Wanda
    Wanda says:

    Our 10 yr old shitzu appears to have glaucoma. She’s about 12 lbs. I welcome your wisdom of what USANA products to try & dosage. Thanks.

  27. Mary Jane L Nepomuceno
    Mary Jane L Nepomuceno says:

    This is great news. I have 2 Skye Cairn Terriers and one has an ear infection (age 7 yrs)and the other has a cystic breast (age 13 yrs). I am a USANA user and their VET as well. He recommended me about having them take this and I heedlessly took his advice. Now that I read a lot of these issues here I’d like to try. Can you please suggest what dosage of which supplements should I give? They love bananas and it’s another good treat to give. Hartguard had been their regular vits and the word vitamins excites them actually to have some.

  28. Lorraine
    Lorraine says:

    I too was happy to see this blog. USANA has done wonders for my Mom, who is 80 years old and has MS and myself. USANA has brought quality back to my Mom’s and my life. We are off all medication now.

    My question is for Carrie, we have a 7lb Chihuahua (female – 6 years old), 10 lb Maltese(female – 11 years old and a 18 lb Miniature Pincher (male – 3 years old). How much of the Body Rox or Essentials can I give them? I say Body Rox because I happen to have extra of it, I am hoping I can give them some of that. Thanks Cari, you are a bonus to this blog! 🙂

  29. Fran Noble
    Fran Noble says:

    Glad to read all this.
    USANA transformed my health, and many others I’ve recommended the products to, feel better in 50’s than 40’s!!
    Black Jack/patterdale, Rosie and pup Snoopy, (now 18 months old, black eyes, white with faded black spots) both got longer legs and v elegant are taking 1 usanimals daily. Rosie had dry flaky skin along her lower back and was super sensitive to many things. this disappeared after starting USANA. They are both in fantastic health and Rosie recovered v quickly after emergency ceasarian. Will try the pure rest now 5/11 is coming up.
    Thank you for great blog

  30. Cari
    Cari says:

    Hi Lorraine,
    Nice to meet you. My apologies I need to check this link more often! Typically I suggest 1/4 dose per 20-25lbs of animal. Meaning if a full adult dose of essentials is 4 per day a 20 – 25 lb dog would get 1/4 of that. I recommend the Essentials as they come closer to the amounts of nutrients required than the body rox. Don’t forget BiOmega and depending on their activity & stress levels additional vitamin c in the form of poly c (Canada only) or proflavanol. For the female maltese I’d also consider procosa as a preventative measure. If you feed twice a day split their doses into the two meals.

    If you require further information specific to your dogs needs please contact me directly via email, [email protected]. And thanks for the positive feedback!

    Kind Regards,

  31. anne
    anne says:

    hello,I have a 2month old shi-tzu puppy,I want her to gain weight and boost her immune system.Is it okay to give her Ussana Biomega? thanks 😀

  32. Cari McCune
    Cari McCune says:

    Yes you can absolutely use Biomega for your pup! For her immune system the digestive enzyme & probiotic are essential. As for weight gain I would have to know more about your pup before making recommendations, therefore a consultation would be in order.
    Happy puppy raising!

  33. Cari McCune
    Cari McCune says:

    A note to Fran, Usanimals have xylitol in them. Please see my previous post above for the dangers of xylitol for pets.

  34. Caroline Tess
    Caroline Tess says:

    My 8 y/o Golden was just diagnosed with hypothyroidism. She’s 64 lbs. I have had her on one BodyRox am and pm, one biomega am/pm, one procosa am/pm. Now with this diagnosis I’m debating about starting her on calcium, CoQ10, and proflavanol…all these recommended on for humans. Do you see any problem with this? I would rather not put her on synthroid. Thank you

  35. Peng Teo
    Peng Teo says:

    I do not want to give wrong info here…but our 16 year old cat was very sick and can not even move last winter 2011. The Vet told us to put her to sleep. We brought her home and we decided to grind some Usanimal to mix into her food. She regained her strength and started to walk after a couple weeks. Although she seems like having hip problem and weak, but she is alive and walk around in the house. We are still continuing mixing some nutrition (bodyRox) into her food.

  36. Barbara Komorek
    Barbara Komorek says:

    USANA nutritionals are simply amazing for dogs. I have a 14 yo Jack Russell and she has been on the USANA supplements for the last 5 years or so.She is so healthy despite being 14 yo.
    I give her the USANA Essentials, Biomega, Procosamine, Visionex and HepaPlus. She has no problems with swallowing the tablets. I cover them with a bit of peanut butter. Works really well.

    • Robert Staecy
      Robert Staecy says:

      Hi Barbara,

      I wonder if you could tell me how you determine the dosage of USANA Essentials, Biomega, Procosamine, Visionex and HepaPlus for the dog.

  37. Cari McCune
    Cari McCune says:

    Peng – great to hear your success story! A few pointers on your cats protocol from a pet nutrition specialist who uses usana in her practice. The essentials will give the cat more of what it needs. If the cat is under 25 lbs, 1/4 of the regular dose will be effective. It’s also important to point out that cats Cannot convert beta-carotene to vitamin a so you’re going to need to add vitamin a to your cats diet.

  38. Cari McCune
    Cari McCune says:

    Caroline – essentials wl give your dog more of what it needs. There is plenty of calcium in the essentials so don’t give extra. Iodine added to your dogs diet is crutial!

  39. Susan Jennery
    Susan Jennery says:

    My dog of 11 yrs had blood tests and the results are that she has one of her liver enzymes high. I would like to put her on the Essentials and the Hepa Plus. Any other suggestions.
    Information would be grateful.

  40. Anton Quitoriano
    Anton Quitoriano says:

    Are USANA products good for reptiles? I have a 4 month old Sulcata Tortoise and I only use Active Calcium for them. One tablet is good for 5 months since they are still small.

  41. Liz Horner
    Liz Horner says:

    Does anyone have any solutions for 7 year old cat with stomatitis.
    Are there any Usana products that can be used for this condition?

  42. Lara
    Lara says:

    My puppy has multiple wounds due to excessive scratching…is usana essentials enough? or do I need to give him proflavanol as well? thanks!

  43. Jiayi See Toh
    Jiayi See Toh says:

    I have a 13 yo poodle. With kidney failure, cataract till almost blind, limp back leg. What can she eat?

  44. Margie Cantlon
    Margie Cantlon says:

    I am giving Procosa to my third dog now. We were sold when we saw the dramatic improvement in the first dog’s ability to run and jump. Thanks for the dosage advice.


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