Join Kathy Kaehler & USANA for RESET Week 2012

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Welcome to 2012! Start the year on a healthy foot with a little help from Kathy Kaehler!

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A Big Year Ahead!

What are you most looking forward to in 2012? Please let us know in the comments!

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  1. hi! there’s, Usanahealthsciences inc. finally finally the new year Has began & I have been through so so so much through out the many year’s of life. I am going to not only say I will go on my Usana RESET Button Kit, but I am and will begin a diet soon Just need to start doing more research Into the low glycemic diet, or I’ll take a look into an MMA diet trend and is very very very highly… effective as people are saying on line it’s called: the Dolce Diet. You don’t have to be a pro athlete to do it, or what not. You could just be A normal person & try it. I honestly really really relly have been through so much set’, backs but i’m willing to try again over and over and over til i reach my goals I am kind of a slow, learner though but it don’t make me any better, or Faster or stronger than anybody else In Life I come across as kind of shy or timid at first But if you give me the benefit of a Doubt; I’ll open Up more as time goes By. thanks 2 Usana Usana has always been apart of my life in some ways than any other thing It’s something i want to do and reach out when the time calls for it. I totally totally would love to die trying to do what I love n not what I like, or am forced to do….

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