Your Vote Counts: A Cyclist’s Artwork Reaches the Masses

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It wasn’t too long ago USANA-sponsored cyclist Daniel Carruthers provided What’s Up, USANA? readers with an update about his recent adventures in racing.

Now, for something a little different.

Daniel, who’s a big proponent of USANA’s top-rated nutritional products, also is quite the artist.

He’s created the above sketch, which is currently a finalist in the Rapha Festive 500. Rapha, incidentally, is billed on Facebook as a performance roadwear company.

Vote for Your Favorite

Here’s all you need to do.

Here’s a blog post Daniel wrote about the sketch.

Best of luck, @BikeDan!


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About the Author: Tim oversees operations of USANA’s award-winning social media department, focusing on increasing community engagement and working to ensure the company’s social media efforts are in line with overall corporate objectives. He is a former sports journalist and current Cubs fan. .


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