Best of State Award Reaffirms USANA’s Dedication to Science

We did it again! Last week, I spent an amazing evening surrounded by the best and brightest individuals from the most incredible companies in Utah at the Utah Best of State Awards. I am proud to tell you that USANA received four Best of State medals! Unbelievable! We received medals for having the best dietary supplements, the best nutrition beverage, the best health products, and the best research and development department.

If that wasn’t enough, we also received the prestigious The Best of the Best award as the overall winner of the merchandising and consumer services category. This is the second time since 2008 that we’ve won this award. Only 10 organizations receive this amazing statue, and USANA was one of them. Like I said: unbelievable.

I am so honored to represent a company that has earned more than 20 Best of State awards since 2003. And many people don’t realize: USANA is in a state that houses more than 100 dietary supplement manufacturers! So it really is amazing to be recognized, year after year, for the quality and integrity of our products. This is also the ninth year we have been recognized as having the best dietary supplements in the state, which I think is fitting, because we pride ourselves on our dedication to developing cutting-edge nutritional products and technology.

But overall, my proudest moment of the evening was when our research and development department took home their first medal for their rigorous testing methods, studies, and innovative product technology. Watching John Cuomo accept the award for best R&D department in the state just reaffirmed that we take science seriously.

It was an incredible night, and I was honored to accept these awards on behalf of USANA and all of you who are sharing the vision of True Health.

Read the Best of State Magazine here.

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