USANA Q&A: Fitness Star Kristy Lee Wilson (Part 2)

Welcome back! Today we’re sharing Part 2 of the What’s Up, USANA? interview with Kristy Lee Wilson, fitness champion, successful entrepreneur, certified personal trainer, and former Cirque du Soleil star.

Here’s Part 1, if you missed it.

Kristy, whom we first introduced to our readers last November, has been a USANA Associate for about a year and currently is training to compete in next month’s Fitness Universe competition in Miami. She also recently contributed to the best-selling The Definitive Guide to Youth Athletic Strength, Conditioning and Performance and is a fitness expert for Dr. Mehmet Oz’s ShareCare site.

WHAT’S UP USANA: You are a very successful entrepreneur. What has been the biggest challenge in owning your own businesses (and what is the biggest reward)?

KRISTY LEE WILSON: Right now I am running three difference businesses as well as training myself and going to school, so the biggest challenge for me is finding enough hours in my day to get everything done! However, owning my own businesses allows me the freedom to set my own schedule and do things that I really love. I’m trying to make a few changes right now, which I’ll share a little later on, but I love the freedom of being my own boss. My success is solely dependent on me and there are no limitations, besides my own actions, to how far I can go.

In addition to running a successful personal training business (KLW Fitness, LLC.), Kristy is also a USANA Health Sciences Independent Associate.

WUU: You’ve been involved with USANA for about a year. What is it about the company and the products that impresses you so much?

KRISTY: What impresses me about USANA so much is not only the support from everyone in the USANA family, but also the fact that USANA is the ONLY company willing to put their money where there mouth is.

As an athlete I have to be very careful what I put in my body. I am randomly drug tested and these days it’s so scary what you don’t know, and what you aren’t told, about many of the supplements and nutritional products you consume. I just simply cannot afford to take that chance.

With USANA’s Athlete Guarantee I know that I am safe and in good hands. Plus, the USANA products are top quality. I have tried other companies’ products and they simply do not compare to the USANA products. Ask anyone who knows me well and they will tell you that I am addicted to Rev3! ☺

WUU: Our readers might not know that you are a fitness expert for Dr. Oz’s Sharecare site. How long have you been contributing and what has that experience been like?

KRISTY: I’ve been a Fitness Expert on Dr Oz’s Sharecare site for a little over a year now. I was one of the original experts when the site first launched. We started with the Move It and Lose It Challenge where we had over 700,000 participants taking part in that specific weight loss challenge. The site now has even more people that I am able to reach out to, and who are able to contact me on a daily basis.

Sharecare is an amazing site and I’m so honored to to be a part of it. The weight loss results are incredible and knowing that I can play a role in helping someone completely change their life for the better is the exact reason I love being a fitness professional.

Watching people transform their lives and begin living a healthy lifestyle, as well as becoming fitness enthusiasts themselves much of the time, is so inspiring to me. Words cannot even explain the feeling of being a part of transforming someones life and having that person, and their family, thank you for helping them live a better, more fulfilling life.

Kristy Wilson is training to compete in the Fitness Universe competition next month in Miami. She won the Ms. Fitness Florida event last year.

Kristy Wilson is training to compete in the Fitness Universe competition next month in Miami. She won the Ms. Fitness Florida event last year.

WUU: As you train for the Fitness Universe competition in June, is there a training/exercise tip or two you could share with our readers?

KRISTY: As I train for Fitness Universe in June I really need to focus on my nutrition. In order to be able to train as hard as I need to and stay injury free, top quality nutrition is key! Rest and recovery is also extremely important.

Always fuel yourself with good nutrition. It’s amazing how different your body feels when you choose good foods. USANA’s Nutrimeal, along with the HealthPak, BiOmega, Procosa and CoQuinone are things I fuel myself with every day. It’s so difficult for us to get all of our necessary nutrients from food that I really do believe supplementation is crucial for optimal health and performance. I know for myself it’s made a huge difference.

Eat every 2-3 hours. Making sure you are fueling your body on a consistent basis helps you stay energized throughout the day and prevent those energy slumps we experience when we go hours without eating. Choose lots of fresh fruits and vegetables. I like to say that if you can grow it, or pick it, then eat it. I personally am vegetarian and am starting to follow more of a raw foods diet and I feel amazing.

My biggest exercise tip would be to make sure you have a progressive exercise program and focus on your form! The most important thing when it comes to exercise is your form. With incorrect form you will end up with all kinds of muscular imbalances which can lead to postural distortions and possible injuries.

Also rest and recovery is hugely important. Your body needs time to rest, recover, and regenerate itself. Take at least one day off from your workouts each week. Participate in some kind of active recovery on that rest day — a light jog, walk, swim, or bike ride.

WUU: You’re big on social media. What do you enjoy most about social media either from a personal or professional standpoint?

KRISTY: I love social media because it allows me to reach thousands of people. In a gym setting, or even just around my own community, I’m limited to how many people I can reach. My number one goal as a fitness professional is to make a big impact, and make a change. I want to help people all over the world live the best life they can live. And this means living the healthiest life they possibly can.

We cannot be healthy if we do not fuel our bodies with nutritious foods and follow a well-rounded exercise program on a regular basis. Social media allows me a platform to reach out to help the masses. Even if I don’t chat to people directly, if they follow me on my Twitter, Facebook, and Sharecare profiles, I’m still able to share my fitness tips, blogs, videos, etc. with people.

Just last week I received an email from a client of a personal trainer in Connecticut. That client let me know I was her personal trainer’s favorite athlete and that her trainer had recommended she watch my workout videos on YouTube.

Little messages like this are awesome. Even though I may not speak to people directly it’s great to know they still follow my tips and indirectly I am still making an impact in many peoples’ lives.

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She’s offered to provide updates as she continues to train for Fitness Universe and beyond, so stay tuned…

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