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In a recent post, we put the spotlight on Ask Andy—one of USANA’s most underrated (in my opinion) business-building tools. It got me thinking of how helpful it would be to highlight Ask the Scientists—another awesome, yet often overlooked benefit available to all Associates (and anyone who visits

Just like Ask Andy, Ask the Scientists features an enormous database of the most common scientific questions asked by Associates. It covers a variety of topics, from USANA’s testing and manufacturing processes to nutritional claims and specific ingredient inquiries.

So, the next time you’re faced with a tough question from a prospect about USANA’s products, formulas, or manufacturing practices, check out Ask the Scientists to see if your question has been addressed already. You might be surprised!

What kind of questions get answered on Ask the Scientists?

Ask the Scientists - USANA Health Sciences

Why do I need nutritional supplements?

At USANA, we believe there are more benefits to nutritional supplementation than merely preventing increasingly rare deficiency diseases.

USANA’s products are formulated with the most up-to-date nutritional research in mind, which may or may not have relevance to the recommended dietary allowances. Rather than just looking to prevent total vitamin deficiencies, we are concerned with the vast majority of people who are “apparently” healthy. Many degenerative diseases and chronic illnesses develop over a lifetime, striking otherwise healthy individuals when they least expect it. For the millions of “apparently” healthy individuals in the world, minimal nutrient intakes may not be adequate to address modern health challenges.

Can adults take BiOmega™ Jr?

Yes, BiOmega Jr. can be used by adults who prefer it, or who cannot swallow capsules. The dosage of omega-3 fatty acids in a packet of BiOmega Jr. is similar to one BiOmega capsule.

Is the amount of vitamin A in the Essentials™ at an unsafe level?

Toxicities of vitamin A relate only to pre-formed vitamin A, which is usually labeled as retinol, retinyl acetate, or retinyl palmitate. Beta-carotene is referred to as pro-vitamin A because it is converted to vitamin A in the body as needed.

USANA Essentials use only beta-carotene to provide vitamin A activity. Beta-carotene is not known to cause vitamin A toxicity at any level. The level of beta-carotene contained in an average medium-sized carrot is ~20,000 IU, while a daily dose of the Essentials yields 15,000 IU.

Do USANA products contain gluten?      

USANA tablets and capsules do not contain wheat, oats, rye, barley, or gluten. BiOmega Jr. and USANA® Probiotic are also formulated without gluten.

The Chocolate Fusion, Peanut Butter Crunch, and Go Nuts ‘n’ Berries Nutrition Bars are formulated without gluten. Fibergy® Plus and the Chocolate Whey and Vanilla Nutrimeals are formulated without gluten.*

The Dutch Chocolate and Strawberry Nutrimeal shakes, and Oatmeal Raisin Nutrition Bars do contain gluten.

Does USANA use non-genetically modified organism (GMO) soy?

Yes. The soy protein isolate used in all of the USANA Foods is from non-GMO sources.

Can USANA make product recommendations for specific medical conditions?

USANA does not promote its products for use in diagnosing, treating, curing, or mitigating any disease, nor can we answer questions concerning medications or other treatments and a potential for interactions with the USANA products.

* These products are manufactured with equipment that also processes products containing wheat.

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    • Nick Peterson
      Nick Peterson says:

      Hey Paula, great question! As I’m a writer, not a scientist, I was hesitant to answer your question until I remembered the trusty tool I just recommended to everyone! All I had to do was visit the Ask the Scientist page and enter the search term “fish allergy.” This was one of the first Q&A’s that popped up. See how helpful this tool can be? 🙂

      Q: Can I take BiOmega if I have an allergy to fish?

      A: For individuals with a specific allergy to fatty fish (e.g. salmon, mackerel, herring, sardines, anchovies), BiOmega would not generally be recommended except on the advice of a physician.

      For individuals with shellfish-specific allergies (e.g. shrimp, crab, lobster), BiOmega should not be a problem as it does not contain any shellfish ingredients.

    • Austin
      Austin says:

      Hello Francisco, I am a scientist in the research and development group at USANA and am the individual in charge of writing new articles and updating existing articles in the Ask the Scientists database.

      Unfortunately, we do not currently have the articles available in Spanish or other languages, but we do hope to make this available in the future. In the meanwhile, you are welcome to send individual questions through Ask the Scientists to us in Spanish.

  1. Heather Campbell
    Heather Campbell says:

    The think I like most about Usana is the way the product is made, checked and rechecked. It is absolutely reliable to be what is says it is. I’ve had some very serious health problems relieved by the addition of supplements to my medications. It gives me confidence to speak to others of how the Usana products can support their specific areas of concern. A good friend has had good results with her problems just as I have. Thank you Usana. Sincerely, Heather


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