Inside USANA: Marketing

The USANA marketing department is a team of individuals ready to serve the needs of not only the company, but also the thousands of hardworking Associates behind it.

Overseeing the overall message that our products and business opportunity convey, they often put themselves in the shoes of an Associate and ask the important questions: What tools do I need to build the best business possible? What is the one thing people need to know about this product? How can I effectively show people what a great opportunity USANA is?

By keeping questions like these in mind, the marketing team can decide what products, services or promotions need to be created for Associates and consumers. But their first responsibility is to make sure Associates have a complete understanding of our award-winning products — how to use, sell, and present them. They do this by utilizing talented employees from almost every department to help execute their detailed marketing strategies.

Marketing Department

USANA’s marketing team from left: Lisa Kuftinec, Sean Derber, Camille Fletcher, Melissa Fields, Jessica Reimer and Sarah Searle. (Not pictured: Ann-Celeste Billings and Kalvin Hendricks)

Showing Off the Products

Each of marketing’s eight members serves a unique purpose and is in charge of the numerous products offered by USANA. Tangible products include nutritionals, foods, Rev3 Energy®, and Sense™. They also consider our non-tangible services as products, too. The USANA business opportunity, the USANA True Health Assessment, our special promotions and the overall brand experience are all managed by different marketing employees.

To ensure these products are marketed in the best way possible, the team stays on top of the latest global market research. And once a strategy has been determined for any particular product, it’s the marketing team’s job to communicate that strategy to many other departments to create a cohesive, solid message for Associates to receive.

What’s Happening Now?

Most recently, marketing has been heavily involved with developing strategies to successfully market the USANA True Health Assessment, which is just one representation of USANA’s focus on personalized nutrition.

Our marketing masters are also focusing on where the industry is headed and what will lead to even more success for USANA and our hundreds of thousands of global Associates. This involves proposing new products and making major updates to our current product lines. (I’d give you the juicy details, but I’ve been sworn to secrecy!)

We’re also nearing the finish line of Destination Transformation, the ultimate RESET™ Challenge, which was spearheaded by the marketing team. With more than 15,000 pounds dropped so far, they couldn’t be more proud of what the Challenge has inspired our RESET users to accomplish.

At Your Service

As a special note to our Associates, the marketing team wanted to emphasize that they are here to help. They consider themselves a service department, listening to Associate needs related to building a successful business and presenting the USANA opportunity. They know that the Associates who work their businesses day in and day out truly represent the USANA brand.

“We have an amazing global marketing team that is here for you. Our team members make sure the products, programs, and support materials are of the highest quality. We don’t exist without our most valuable asset — the USANA family. So thank you, and please let us know if you have any groundbreaking ideas!”

—Ann-Celeste Billings, USANA Director of Marketing

Inside USANA is a monthly series in which we check in with various departments to help you get to know them a little better.

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USANA True Health Foundation

Learn what USANA is doing to make the world a better place.
The future of personalized health and nutrition is now available at
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  1. Ekayani Chamberlin
    Ekayani Chamberlin says:

    A professional job much appreciated. Uplifting,upbeat,colorful and easy to understand for prospects and associates. You make being healthy look fun and that is so key. People are so easily overwhelmed by negativity today that you provide a GUST of fresh air.
    I am always looking for more ways to tell men about Sense line. My humble request is more shots of men looking good doing manly things outside. Sailing,hiking,farming,etc can be brutal on a man’s skin. We are missing a huge market by not being more aggressive there. There is a top brand that is doing just that and it makes me want to yell out loud. Men don’t need parabens either in their skin care. We had a good start with man up and moisturize. Please continue in this vein. Thank you!


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