Supplement Spotlight: MyHealthPak is Uniquely You


A product as unique as you are

You are unique. You deserve a supplement pack that meets your needs. MyHealthPak™ gives you a personalized approach to health that makes it easy to get the nutrition you want every day. It could be a perfect fit for your busy lifestyle.


How many bottles of nutritional supplements do you have on your kitchen counter or in that overloaded cabinet right now? I have a bunch: HealthPak, BiOmega, Vitamin D, Hepasil DTX, Proflavanol C100, Visionex, Procosa, and Probiotic.

How often do you skip taking the products in one or two of those bottles because you’re in a hurry or because you’ve run out? I manage to miss something almost daily.

When you travel, do you decide not to take your supplements, or only take one or two of them, because it is too much of a hassle to maintain your regimen every day? Well, I have a lovely Ziploc baggie that I carry around. Real classy.

It’s Time for Something Better

I realize those things listed above are definitely first-world problems, as they say. But my life is busy. Your life is busy. It’s time for a solution that makes staying healthy every day a little easier. It’s time to simplify our lives. And it’s time to make sure we get the right optimal nutrition we need for our cells, our bodies, our lifestyles — even if we’re on the go.

It’s time for MyHealthPak!

Camille with MyHealthPak

My very first MyHealthPak!

I finally placed an order for my first MyHealthPak. Ordering was quick and painless. I just went to the online builder in the shopping cart, added the 16 tablets I wanted to the AM and PM packets (there’s a minimum of 10 tablets per day), put my name and a special message on the packet, and then checked out. I already knew what I wanted, but if you don’t know what to order, USANA’s True Health Assessment can help.

In just minutes, my own unique pack was ordered and on its way! (Most MyHealthPaks will be shipped within 3-5 days and then arrive in the stated time based on the shipping method selected.)

Now, my kitchen counter is much cleaner (and stylish — the MyHealthPak box is quite lovely). I am already finding that I’m much more consistent when it comes to taking all of my supplements. And I’m really happy to make that Ziploc baggie a thing of the past when I travel for the holidays.

I love MyHealthPak because it helps me have my health, my life, my way.

Tell Us Why You Love MyHealthPak and Win a Prize!

Now, I want to hear from you. Tell me in the comments by Saturday, Nov. 24, which supplements are in your MyHealthPak and why you love it. Ten random winners will get a free USANA lunch tote!

(Winners will be announced in the comments on Monday, Nov. 26. Make sure to check back so, if you win, you can send me your contact details.)

Free lunch tote!

You could win a free lunch tote!

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26 replies
  1. Sylvia Adler
    Sylvia Adler says:

    I have been loving my MyHealthPak since it first was launched, so… 3 years ago???

    I love the convenience of just tearing off each day’s pak and taking it with me to my many Networking events, such as BNI meetings, NAPW meetings, Hispanic CHamber of Commerce meetings, etc…
    Somebody always makes some comment, which sparks up a conversation…… :-))

    I actually always travel with two paks: my MyHealthPak and a HealthPak, that way I make sure I always take my Essentials plus my Optimizers!!

    My MyHealthPak contains: 1 BiOmega, 1 Vit. D, 1 Proflavanol C200, 1 Proflavanol C 100, 1 Procosa, 1 Phytoestrin, 1 Hepasil DTX and 1 Cquinone 100.


    Sylvia Adler, USANA 4 ever!!

  2. Claudia Kaiser
    Claudia Kaiser says:

    I, too, have been using the MyHealthPak since it came out. It’s been wonderful to not have to use a fishing tackle box for all my Essentials and Optimizers. I’ve used the HealthPak 100 and the MyHealthPak for the optimizers for several years, and it’s just very convenient to carry those with me to work, to a meeting, to dinner with friends, etc. It also helps me be consistant in taking my supplements.

    MyHealthPak contains: AM–Active Calcium, BioMega, Vit D, Proflavanol C200; PM–Active Calcium, Coquinone 100, BioMega

  3. Lorenzo Garibay
    Lorenzo Garibay says:

    MyHealthPak is the easiest way to stay compliant in taking your USANA nutritionals! Whether one is at home, on the go, or traveling, MHP is quick, easy, and simple.

    I continue using the HealthPak and utilize MHP as my optimizer pak. Sure beats opening up all those bottles! My MHP has Proflavanol C, Biomega, Procosa, Palmetto, Hepasil, Gingko, Coquinone 100, and Visionex DS.

    Thanks USANA for a great innovation!

  4. daniel chadeyras
    daniel chadeyras says:

    Just ordered my health paks for myself & my partner!! We are from australia and they have only just become available here!! I’m so excited and cant wait for the conviencice, of not having 20 different bottles on the bench!
    I have in am pak essentials, fish oil, proflav200,
    and pm pak essentials, calcuim & procosamine.

    Love usana, love life and liiving it to the fullest!

  5. Jennifer Salko
    Jennifer Salko says:

    I love my MyHealthpak because I know I’m getting exactly what my body needs for optimal health and cellular nutrition with the convenience of morning and evening dosages personalized just for me. No bottles cluttering my cabinets or countertops! I take the Essentials, BiOmega, Proflavanol C200, and Hepasil in my morning pack and Essentials, BiOmega, Active Calcium and Hepasil in the evening pack. My husband has his own MyHealthpak that’s customized for his needs and it’s personalized with his name and tag line to set it apart from mine!

  6. Mbabazi Mary
    Mbabazi Mary says:

    I like the food Supplement but it is unfortunate that it is not in my home country Uganda! Is it possible that I GET “first MyHealthPak”. SUPPLEMENTS!

  7. Lori Teng
    Lori Teng says:

    The MyHealthpak points me toward helping my husband be more consistent with taking his supplements. I love the quickness of this new customized program. I popped an order in on Tuesday from Canada and it arrived at my door on Thursday morning! I love that it has our names on the package. I love that I can save money when I buy the super pills like the Proflavanol C-200. When I formulated my MyHealthpak I saved $50 from the super pills and the saving in taxes. Not only do I influence my health and my husband’s health but also influence our finances for the good! Thanks USANA!

    • Lori Teng
      Lori Teng says:

      Forgot to mention – my husband’s MHP – Essentials, AO Booster, Calcium, Proflavanol C-200 for AM and Essentials, AO Booster, Calcium, & Palmetto Saw.

      My MHP – Essentials, AO Booster, Biomega, Proflavanol C-200, & Calcium for AM. Essentials, AO Booster, Biomega, Coquinone 100, and Calcium for PM.

  8. Michael Dionne
    Michael Dionne says:

    The opportunity to customize the MyHealthPak allows me to provide an excellent option to my customers and associates who want the convenience of personalized and individual packets of our daily Essentials and Optimizers.

  9. Lorene Hochstetler
    Lorene Hochstetler says:

    My Health Pak is the Best Thing USANA Health Sciences has ever done in my book! The blessing in having the convenient AM n PM packets to take with me as we out and about, along with the personalization to give identity which are mine. (No confusion to who’s packet, my husband or mine- Nice!)
    And, so very grateful for the exactness in giving my cells exactly what they are ‘hungry’ for!
    Along with my body, my heart rejoices to have the ‘My Health Pack’ delivered right to my front door every month!
    Thank You USANA Health Sciences!

  10. Luis Nuno
    Luis Nuno says:

    Both my wife Marieta and I always love the Myhealthpak because it just makes our lives so much easier…. We travel quite often and it is so nice to just count the number of days we’ll be out and tear the myhealthpaks. It contains all we need. Not only is practical and convenient but I did the math and if you enjoy the “super pills” like Coquinone 100, Proflavanol 200 and Visionex DS, which we both use daily, the it represents huge savings, so the myhealthpack is the way to go: light, green, convenient, cheaper and best of all… we love to have our own unique and personalized pack!

  11. Lisa Whittall
    Lisa Whittall says:

    I take the Health pak & the MyHealth pak with Coquinone 100, 2 BiOmega, 1Palmetto Plus, 3 Hepasil DTX, 3 Procossa, 2 Vitamin D 2000, 3 ProflavnolC 200, & one Visionex DS & on the side I have 3 PhytoEstrin & I almost forgot lol 4 Ginkgo-PS & before every meal I have the Digestive Enzymes & with my Nutrimeal shake I have the Fibergy & Optmega & every other day I take the probiotic & every day I have 1-3 Rev3’s & my 2 Pure Rest That’s why I’m always on the go & I don’t let anything get me down 😉

  12. Niki Gombis
    Niki Gombis says:

    When one takes as many optimizers as I do, it only makes sense to get the extra strength whenever possible. So, I take the HealthPak plus a MyHealth Pak with Visionex DS, Proflavanol C200, and CoQuinone 100, plus two each Active Calcium, BiOmega, Procosa, Hepasil, Ginko, Vitamin D and one Phytoestrin, for good measure. A total of 16, perfectly divided among an AM and PM in MyHealthPak along with the HealthPak, for consistent regained health. Yes, health is not cheap, but have you priced disease lately?

  13. Niki Gombis
    Niki Gombis says:

    When one takes as many optimizers as I do, it only makes sense to get the double strength whenever possible. So, I take the Health pak plus a MyHealth Pak with the extra strength Visionex DS, Proflavanol C200, and CoQuinone 100, plus two each Active Calcium, BiOmega, Procosa, Hepasil, Ginko, Vitamin D and one Phytoestrin, for good measure. A total of 16, perfectly divided among an AM and PM in MyHealthPak along with the HealthPak, for consistent regained health. Yes, health is not cheap, but have you priced disease lately?

  14. Norrakamon Toniti
    Norrakamon Toniti says:

    My favorite are Essential, Active Calcium,CoQuinone, Proflavanol and Visionex. They increase my healthy and also my beloved persons. I love it.

  15. Justina Rudez
    Justina Rudez says:

    I take the regular Health pak & MyHealth pak with 2 ProflavnolC 200, 2 Procossa, 1 Coquinone 100, 2 BiOmega, 1 Hepasil DTX, 2 PhytoEstrin, 1 Active Calcium, 1 Vitamin D, 2 Visionex DS, 1 Ginkgo-PS, Plus i use everything else USANA has to offer and don’t go a day without any of it! 🙂

    My Husband also takes his Personalized Health Pack and the regular Health Pack!! We Both LOVE The Go Nuts ‘n’ Berries Nutrition Bar !!! Daily-REV3 Cans 🙂

  16. Rosalyn Eichelberg
    Rosalyn Eichelberg says:

    I love the MyHealth Pak because my husband and I both being as young as we are we take our Paks to School, work, gym and restaurats. And every single time we open it and take it we have had people ask us what is it that we are taking. Because of that we have been able to show True Health to not only students but some atheltic friends and to people that not only wanted to change their Health but their financial situation. And Because of that we both have been able to share Dr. Wentz’s wonderful visible of “A world free from pain and suffering a world Free from disease!”

    I take CoQ 20, Hepasil, Vit D, Phytoestrin, Essentials and Proflavanol. <3

  17. Jesus Sesteaga
    Jesus Sesteaga says:

    I love the convenience, I coach on nutrition a lot of may area athletes, they are always busy and have to travel all over, having a packet with all the necessary supplements give them the peace of mind needed for competition day.

  18. Karen Kapusta
    Karen Kapusta says:

    I call my MyHealthPak “Ultimate AM PM” because it is! In the AM portion you’ll find CoQuinone 100, Proflavanol200, Vit D, BiOmega, Hepasil DTX, Visionex DX, Procosa, AO Booster. In the PM, there’s Proflavanol200, Vit D, BiOmega, 2 Hepsail DTX, Procosa, AO Booster. To these I add the HeathPak 100 plus the Digestive Enzymes & Ginkgo (wish there was space for them all in the packets :-)). Plus I also use a MyHealthPak at lunch (per physician’s recommendation). I find these packets perfect for traveling or giving away as samples (a great way to showcase the products) as people are always impressed with having my name on them. My husband has his own personalized MyHealthPak too! (His wish is to be able to add more than 1 Palmetto Plus if you know what I mean.) Thanks USANA!

  19. brian knapp
    brian knapp says:

    MHP SportsPak! If 600+ athletes are using it I want to be using it! I love being able to have my supplements with me anywhere even when I travel in my hand luggage for long flights, keeping me topped up with good nutrition 🙂

  20. Terri Gibson
    Terri Gibson says:

    I just started with the MY HEALTH PACK. and I love the convenience of having it all together. In mine is AM- 2 BiOmega, 2 Procosa,Vit D, Active Calcium, AO Booster,and Proflavanol C 100. PM pack includes 2BiOmega, Procosa, 2 Active Calcium, AO Booster,Proflavanol C and Visionex.
    I also take the Essentials x2, CoQuinone 30 x2, digestive Emzyes with meals. A Rev3 everyday,a Shake with Fibergy everyday and Probiotics.
    I LOVE IT ALL!!! AND FEEL GREAT! I also use all the bath products and moisturizers!!

  21. Rob Wojtylo
    Rob Wojtylo says:

    I love the My Health Pak because I can take a pak on the road with without having to pack all the tablets I need into another container and that saves time. But it also gives me the choice to select the CoQuinone 100, Proflavanol C200, Palmetto Plus, and the Visionex DS. It doesn’t get much better than that.

  22. Camille Fletcher
    Camille Fletcher says:

    Congratulations to the following commenters! You are the winners of a USANA lunch tote. Please e-mail me your name (again), shipping address, and Associate ID (if you are a USANA Associate) at [email protected]!

    Lori Teng
    Karen Kapusta
    Luis Nuno
    Jennifer Salko
    Mbabazi Mary
    Lorenzo Garibay
    Rosalyn Eichelberg
    Aileen Callos
    Norrakamon Toniti
    Liliya Melnychenko

    Thank you to everyone who commented!


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