Bea Kinnear: Let’s Talk About Stress and Skin Issues

The following is a guest post written by Bea Kinnear, a USANA Associate and author of Your Skin & You. She is owner and moderator of the Yahoo! Sensé Help Site, where she works with Kathleen Rockney, Jacquie Malinowski, and Janet Bernstein to educate members about skin care.

The site is where a version of this and other articles in the “Let’s Talk” series originally appeared. Bea has agreed to share select articles with What’s Up, USANA? as a resource for readers to learn more about Sensé products.

Although society’s view of everything from preventive health to nutrition has been updated, skin care is still in the 1950s: cleanse and moisturize. The truth is, your mom’s  — or grandmother’s — skin care no longer makes the cut. From eating habits and the environment to the use of tanning beds and prescription drugs, people’s lives have changed, and it’s time to start rethinking skin care.

The role of a Sensé skin care representative is to offer educated information and guidance to prospects. That role has evolved from a simple cosmetic adviser to one of a knowledgeable provider of education. Skin is the major source of absorption for the body, so everything that is inhaled, absorbed and consumed eventually shows up on the skin. It is the link to everything else that takes place within the body.

In addition to smoking, sun damage, poor health habits and some prescription drugs, stress is beginning to claim the number one position as contributor of free radical damage. The American Medical Association reports that stress is a factor in a large percent of illnesses today.

In addition to the damage that stress does to the heart and brain, it does not paint a pretty picture for the skin either. Stress is evident through wrinkles, breakouts and tired eyes. Many can remember a calmer time, before the Internet and cellphones became the norm. Advances in technology that make some people’s lives easier, could possibly be causing stress for others.

Let’s change that for our clients/prospects. We need to recommend skin products, vitamins and foods that help prop up tired, stressed body and skin.

Every cell in the human body needs dozens and dozens of nutrients like vitamins, minerals and essential amino acids. Applying a cream with nutrients to the surface of your skin does not ensure that those nutrients actually penetrate into you skin cells.

Unlike Sensé products, other skin care products may just sit there until your next facial or shower. This does not mean that all topical preparations are useless — but they often can be unreliable. Help your clients/prospects learn to de-stress at home by teaching them that antioxidants play a key roll in neutralizing free radicals — detoxifying while repairing cell structure, connective fibers and the moisture barrier of the skin. Explain how certain vitamins play a role in helping to obtain healthy skin cells at their point of growth, (below the surface).

Knowing the role the Sensé products play in protection and repair helps complete the picture. We don’t want to do half the job. It would be like buying a banana because we know they are good for us, but not removing the peel so you can eat it. In that scenario, you deprive yourself of any benefits contained in the fruit itself. Buying it was only half the process of obtaining the benefits.

In addition to environmental damage from sun, wind and pollution, nutrition has some effect on the mechanisms of aging of the body as a whole. Proper nutrition may help partly inhibit physiological aging, but you also need nutrition rich revolutionary skin care products like Sensé Skin care that protect the skin from the outside world. Even mild nutrition deficiencies, which are very common, impair the skin’s ability to heal and renew; improving nutrition and avoiding products with undesirable ingredients enables skin to function optimally.

Keep in mind that women shop differently for beauty products than shopping for everyday items, such as food or household supplies. Beauty shopping can make women feel up, when they are down. Help by asking them, “Do you want to feel more relaxed, eliminate stress, look and feel beautiful?” Make sure you leave them feeling that Sensé is for someone “just like them”!

USANA provides products for inner health and topical health, making a lasting and positive difference for everyone, including those that might still think their grandma’s past skin care products would still work today.

Learn more about Sensé. For an application to join the Sensé Help Site, please contact Bea.

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