3 More Mainland China Direct-Selling Licenses for USANA’s BabyCare Ltd.

USANA's CEO Dave WentzHave you heard?

USANA’s China subsidiary, BabyCare Ltd., received official government approval from the Ministry of Commerce People’s Republic of China (MOFCOM) for direct selling activities in three additional provinces/municipalities within the People’s Republic of China. The provinces/municipalities include Jiangsu, Shanxi, and Tianjin.

I wanted to share this information to show the USANA family that USANA in China is growing and licenses are being granted in larger provinces and municipalities, adding strength to our business.

BabyCare Ltd. is a solid business opportunity, and we are putting all the necessary resources into it to ensure that China continues to be one of our key markets for growth.

This is big news for any Associate doing business or considering starting a business in China, as these licenses are hard to come by and show our good standing with MOFCOM as a direct sales company.

We are excited to see continued progress in China as we expand the reach of our world-class products and research and development standards into this great country.

We appreciate the efforts of the Chinese Ministry of Commerce and look forward to many more years of working together.

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  1. Ezra Slayton
    Ezra Slayton says:

    Is there a list of approved areas in China I can see? I’m living/working in Dalian, China at the moment and would like to share the business with my adult students whom I teach English to. okay, thanks!


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