Charity Dinner Benefits USANA True Health Foundation

USANA True Health Foundation Fundraiser 06.15.13-2

When USANA 4-Star Diamond Directors, Bibiana and Peter Pau decided to start a USANA business in 2008, they took on Dr. Wentz’s vision as their own: A world free from suffering, pain and disease became their mission in life. And they haven’t stopped sharing this mission.

They believe not only in sharing USANA with others, but also in lending a helping hand to those less privileged. This is exactly what the generous duo did this past weekend — they hosted a charity dinner to raise more than $4,300 for the USANA True Health Foundation.

USANA True Health Foundation Fundraiser 06.15.13-1

Calling in the help and support of their team and corporate friends, Bibiana and Peter arranged for an extremely successful and memorable evening for all.

James Bramble, USANA’s chief legal officer, and Belynda Lee, USANA’s vice president of Canada and the North American Asian market, were among two of the couple’s friends who flew to Bellevue, Wash., to show their support.

James, who sits on the board of directors for the USANA True Health Foundation, gave a speech that touched everyone in attendance and before long, the donations came rolling in.

Belynda showed her support on stage by singing for donations. Bibiana, Peter and members of their team showcased their talents in singing, dancing and even kung fu!

Everyone worked together to for one great cause and the positive energy in the room was off the charts.



Another Opportunity to Give: White Diamond Cruise

White Diamond Charity Cruise to Benefit USANA True Health FoundationIf you missed out on Bibiana and Peter’s fundraiser, here’s your chance to take part in an amazing event while helping support the USANA True Health Foundation!

On July 27, USANA Canada is hosting a White Diamond Charity Cruise under the stars where you’ll get to enjoy a fireworks cruise in beautiful Vancouver. And it’s all for a very good cause!

Put on your all-white attire and join our Diamond Directors and special guests Elaine Pace and Dan Macuga for memorable evening to celebrate health, wealth and friendship.

For more information, please visit the USANA Canada Facebook page.

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USANA True Health Foundation

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