Water Cooler Wellness: USANA Serves its Community

Welcome back to Water Cooler Wellness! For this edition, I thought it might be cool to highlight a few ways that USANA stays involved with communities close to home and around the world.

Because if you take away all of the amazing aspects of USANA, this company is about one thing: health. And community involvement is an effective — and rewarding — way to promote health and wellness, worldwide.

Hundreds of USANA employees joined Kennedy Jr. High students during the Strides for Kennedy 5K race.

Hundreds of USANA employees joined Kennedy Jr. High students during the Strides for Kennedy 5K race.

Crusading for Kennedy

The tagline “USANA Crusades for Kennedy” refers to the charitable relationship between USANA and Kennedy Jr. High, which is located in the same city as our Home Office.

Through our fundraising efforts, we provide these students with school uniforms, music instruments, classroom supplies, scholarships, and coats and sweaters to stay warm during the cold winter seasons that Utah is known for.

So how do we raise money for Kennedy Jr. High?

To name a few events, we have the Strides for Kennedy 5K race, which took place on April 30 and brought in nearly $1,000 with 104 USANA employees and 160 Kennedy students participating in the race.

Next, we have two more events: the Swings for Kennedy golf tournament — read more here — and the annual “Mustache May” event, ‘Staches for Kennedy. (Don’t judge. We like to have a little fun here in the office every once in awhile.)

USANA Water Cooler Wellness - Community

Ragnar Relay Race

Van one, representing the USANA lifestyleIt was two years ago when a group of USANA employees banned together to form Team RevRun — a team of 12 elite runners, competing in the Ragnar Wasatch Back 200-mile relay race. But this summer, Team RevRun will retire their name and go full-on USANA by sticking with a more straight-forward name: Team USANA.

With thousands of race participants traversing across the Wasatch Mountains, the 12 members of Team USANA will be decked out in USANA-branded gear, showing everyone that they live the #USANAlifestyle.

Well, they’ll probably see our backsides, because we’re pretty fast. I would know, being a part of last year’s first place (corporate category) Team RevRun.

And you better believe we’ll be even faster this year!

Giving Back

Let’s talk about the USANA True Health Foundation — a charitable organization created to help communities in need around the world.

From disaster relief and community redevelopment to medical assistance and hunger alleviation, the Foundation has helped more than 25,000 people. In 2013 alone, the Foundation provided 2.1 million meals to hungry children through their partnership with Children’s Hunger Fund.


If you’re unable to view the video, please visit the USANA True Health Foundation YouTube channel

When’s the last time you felt hungry with no idea of when you’d eat your next meal? Have you ever had to worry about finding a bed or even a home to sleep in? How about living without basic necessities such as running water or a pair of shoes?

Water Cooler WellnessCommunities worldwide face these issues every day, and we’re doing everything possible to stop the suffering. If you’d like to help us with our mission, make a contribution today.

Water Cooler Wellness is a USANA series looking at ways entrepreneurs or everyday folks can get healthy — physically, financially and maybe even emotionally. Next month in Water Cooler Wellness: Bone Health.

We’re proud to bring you the freshest content on the web! Follow USANA on Twitter, like our USANA Facebook page and enjoy the latest videos on the official USANA YouTube channel.

USANA True Health FoundationLearn what USANA is doing to make the world a better place.

The future of personalized health and nutrition is now available with USANA’s True Health Assessment.

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