Ask the CEO: What is Your Favorite Part of Convention?

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Question:  What is your favorite part of Convention?

Day 4 - Dave - 170-XLAnswer:  Having just finished with our 2013 International Convention, there are so many highlights that it is hard to just pick one that is my favorite. The opening and closing sessions are always amazing, and this year was no different. We had inspiring speakers who gave great advice and tips on building a lasting and amazing business. And to top it all off, I get to spend time with the Associates who make it out to Salt Lake City for this amazing event (I hope you were one of them!).

One of these things could easily be my favorite moment, but you may be surprised to learn that my favorite part of Convention is that instant Associates set foot outside the convention center at the end of the week.

No, not because it’s the end of an exhausting week or that it’s the end of months and months of work and planning. What I love about the moment when Convention is over is the desire you, the Associates, take with you to build a better business and to reach for your dreams.

At the end of the week, I can see it in your eyes. As you prepare to return home, there is a spark that is ready to ignite into a roaring fire. The moment you leave International Convention is the most exciting because it’s when you take all of the new ideas, tools, and products we have and build your business with renewed enthusiasm.

This is my favorite moment of Convention. It’s when you take all of the knowledge you acquired at Convention and use it to build a business that will last generations.

My hope is that you will nurture that spark over the coming year and keep it glowing, and that you will pass it on to those you meet and teach them to do the same. Take to heart the 2013 International Convention theme of Live It, and truly live the USANA lifestyle.

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3 replies
  1. Michelle Ward-Kantor
    Michelle Ward-Kantor says:

    I loved the convention this year, but I missed the inspiring personal stories of associates, which was one of my favorite parts of last year’s convention. These associates were not necessarily top earners, but they were always personal stories about what USANA had done for them. Can you have some stories for next year’s convention?

  2. Sylvia Adler
    Sylvia Adler says:

    Life sometimes gets in the way, and for the first time in 5 years, I was unable to attend Convention’13. This filled me with a certain sadness for not being able to be part of the action… And yet, thanks to Social Media, I was able to feel like I was there… (Almost…) so now I get to delve into all the ASTOUNDING changes and improvements to our already superior Compensation Plan and continue changing more and more lives! THANK YOU. And the entire USANA family!

  3. Ernest Dell
    Ernest Dell says:

    Hello Dave!!
    I can wait to see usana in COSTA RICA C,A
    In the future? ? I’m glad to do what I can!!
    Waiting on heard you.
    Thank you!! Sorry this is more than one question! ! Ernest Dell.


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