Elizabeth Rider: 5 Secrets to Loving Life

Editor’s Note: USANA Ruby Director Elizabeth Rider helps smart, savvy, successful women become even more successful by teaching them not just how to live well, but how to become the absolute BEST version of themselves.

She co-presented two trainings on “Branding Yourself on Social Media” at the 2013 USANA International Convention and offered to share some insight she gleaned from the event with What’s Up, USANA? readers. A version of this post originally appeared on ElizabethRider.com.

I’m fresh out of the USANA International Convention and man was it an amazing four days. I was able to connect with industry leaders, health celebrities, famous athletes and the most driven group of talented ladies I’ve ever been around.


In the photo above, clockwise from the top left: on stage sharing with 3,000+, with my gorgeous and talented friend Dr. Libby Weaver, backstage with Dr. Oz, my lovely USANA ladies with the amazingly talented Jen Groover, with my dear friend Kate Northrup, and (in the middle) with Liezel Huber, a multiple Grand Slam tennis champion.

On my flight home I could feel my heart bursting with energy and took the following notes that I intended to share with the group of awesome women that I’m fortunate enough to lead. As I typed them up I figured these tips are way better off being shared with the world.

So, here they are, my top 5 secrets to loving every minute of your life; some of the details may surprise you.

Secret #1 — Create deep connections with like-minded people.

You may already know that creating deep connections is key to a happy life, but the kicker here is that in order to feel fulfilled you need to connect with like-minded people. People who share your passions, hobbies, drive and need for something more in life.

When I was in Corporate America I had great relationships and connections with my colleagues. All was great, and, at the time, was happy with where I was at. Fast forward 5 years — now I understand what it feels like to actually be fulfilled by the connections I’ve made. I know what it feels like to be fully invested in the people I lead, how to be of service, and that connecting and feeling part of an organization that matters will always outweigh any fears of the unknown.

I can’t stress this enough; become part of a group that matters to you. That pushes you to become better. That excites you so much that your fears won’t matter anymore. That makes you want to leap out of bed in the morning and make a difference.

My Advice: Do it today. Find a club, group or organization of like-minded people that fuel your creative life fire. (Tweet it.)

Secret #2 — Connect your purpose to your career.

This one can be tricky. It doesn’t happen overnight, nor should it. The key here is just to be on your way to connecting your purpose to your career, and vice versa. Your purpose in life can change, shift, and manifest itself into things you never thought possible.

Elizabeth-Rider-Kate-Northrup-USANAWhen I began my journey in the the heath industry, I knew I wanted to do something wellness-related and help people make lasting lifestyle changes to improve their overall state of wellbeing. And I know that’s so generic, but at the time it was all so new that I couldn’t hone in on it any more than that.

Five years into it, I now feel so strongly connected to my purpose that I can feel it vibrating off my skin. Sometimes you have to be in the thick of things to really understand your purpose.

My purpose is to be a wayshower for women, to show them that they can, in fact, create the exact life they want and make an excellent recurring income while they do it.

I’ve already done it, my purpose now is to give my team the training, knowledge and tools to do the same.

My Advice: Get in the thick of things and your purpose will come to you. Never stand on the sidelines. (Tweet it.)

Secret #3 — Understand that perfection doesn’t exist, in your life or in others’.

I’ve had a swath of messages from friends this week congratulating me and sending love. A few of them said things like, “OMG your life is perfect!”

Whoa. Let’s just be clear about something. My life isn’t perfect and neither is anyone else’s.

All-in-all things are great in my world but it’s not because of luck or happenstance, it’s because 1) I’ve worked really hard to get here, and 2) I CHOOSE to look at my life through a positive lens. But let’s be clear, perfection doesn’t exist.

I’ve had plenty of moments crying in the shower in the past few years and times of deep self-doubt. Feelings of unworthiness and feelings of loneliness. The way I move forward with a happy positive life is that I don’t expect perfection. In fact, I embrace the imperfections and have learned to not let them get in the way to creating the life and business that I want. I’ve also learned not to compare myself to others. Truth: comparison is the thief of joy.

My Advice: Embrace life’s imperfections and stop comparing yourself to other people. Find joy in the imperfections. (Tweet it.)

My mom taught me at an early age that if I just put my head down and do good work good things will come, and it’s benefited me hugely. Every once in a while I look up and around at what my peers are doing and what’s going on in the industry, but really, it’s just for perspective, not for comparison.

Which leads me to #4…

Secret #4 — Do good work that impacts people’s lives, and good things will come back to you.

Do good work with the intention of leaving people better off than before you met them. Be a friend, a leader, and an inspiration. Be someone who does the right thing. Be the person who you would want to be around. The more I’ve focused solely on doing good work, rather than “competing” with other people, the more abundance and light my life has had.

I posted that photo of me with Dr. Oz on social media and a few people said things like, “Lucky you!” I paused for a moment and thought about it. That’s not luck, that’s the confluence of preparation and opportunity. I suppose there is an element of serendipity in the world, but in all reality, everything we get (and don’t get) is a result of hard work.

And along with this, never, ever apologize for who you are.

My Advice: Make an impact. Make people’s lives better. Playing small doesn’t help anyone. (Tweet it.)

Secret #5 — Give more to have more.

Elizabeth-RiderThis one is simple: be of service. That doesn’t mean letting people walk all over you or being a pushover. Nor does it mean neglecting your own self-care. It simply means that the more you can give to enrich people’s lives, the more you will receive in the end. Receiving takes on many forms: love, respect, physical goods, money, etc. (all of which, btw, are just forms of energy and are equally good.)

The single best question you can ask a friend, family member or colleague when they tell you that they have a dream, goal or aspiration is, “What can I do to help (or support) you.” Nuff said. No feedback necessary. No opinions, perspective or advice. The first thing you should say is “What can I do to help you?” Simply give. Often times all they really need is to know you champion their endeavors. Try this out a few times and feel the major shift in both your own personal happiness and your own relationships.

My advice: Be of service. Help other people get what they want in life, and you will get everything you’ve ever wanted. (Tweet it.)

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