Bea Kinnear: The Value of a Sensé Spa Party

The following is a guest post written by Bea Kinnear, a USANA Associate and author of Your Skin & You. She is owner and moderator of the Yahoo! Sensé Help Site, where she works with Kathleen Rockney and Janet Bernstein to educate members about skin care.

SweetRetreat_2012-05-18_180-XLWe are now moving further into 2013 and getting ourselves settled once again into our regular routines. For those of us anxious to help others heighten their sense of well-being and self-esteem Sensé plays an important role.

This is especially true for consumers who — like it or not — realize appearance is an important part of life. Consumers, however, often do not feel confident about skin care and are unsure as how to apply skin care products. Sometimes application instructions are inadequate or not even enclosed with a purchase.

Skin care application should become a pleasant part of daily life and considered one of the resources for living well. Furthermore, there is a strong relationship between the skin and the brain; they have the same ectodermal origin and are affected by the same hormones and neurotransmitters.

The skin also is linked to the brain by its primary function in tactile receptivity. This is evident when skin care products are applied using gentle massage and the tips of the fingers. In fact, touch — a human need vital for emotional and physical health — is often referred to as the “mother of all senses.”

Therefore, our teaching of proper gentle routines of application is highly important. Using aggressive fast-scrubbing applications is not what we like to see.

Sensé Home Spa Experience

SweetRetreat_2012-05-18_186-XLWhen you give a Sensé home spa experience using the best products available, others can learn how easy and pleasant it is for them to take care of their skin. Our system will heighten their sense of well-being, while showing them they can improve their skin and their appearance with enhanced products and proper application techniques.

Trying a product line in a comfortable setting is beneficial for your guests. It is here that they can fully understand the benefits, rather than just doing a test spot in a store situation or maybe trying their friend’s moisturizer on their arm.

Facial structure of bones, muscles and varied skin barrier integrity and sensitivity in distinct facial areas are different. Just doing a spot test is not the same as a Sensé opportunity of doing a full, free facial.

USANA offers the science, we have the technology, we have the experience and we have the only self-preserved skin care line in the world. Combine that with our health products and we have the whole anti-aging system no other product line can offer.

I encourage you to start planning your home spa events today. Beautiful skin really is skin deep and will be emotionally rewarding.

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