USANA13: Off to a Good — and Social — Start

USANA13 Social Media Lifestyle

First impressions are the most important impressions. And I’ll go ahead and say it — #USANA13 knocked it out of the park.

There were almost too many awesome things happening on Wednesday. Almost. And the best thing is, we’re only getting started.

We had a lot of fun roaming Convention and especially meeting many of our Social Media Ambassadors on Day 1. Here are a couple photos, but be sure to visit this photo album on Facebook for many more!

USANA13 Social Lifestyle

USANA13 Social Lifestyle

USANA13 Social Media Lifestyle

Check out the best of USANA13 on social media. And stay tuned for all the excitement to come.

Did we mention we also made a little social media history ourselves by conducting the first (that we know of) live stream broadcast from the USANA Convention Store?

Check it out (fast forward to about 1:30).

We’ll get better. Keep an eye on this page or subscribe to our UStream channel to learn when we’ll be live next!

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2 replies
  1. Alison Grimston
    Alison Grimston says:

    Amazing! So disappointed not to be with you this year but I was saying only 2 weeks ago – “I wonder when USANA will start using livestream for Convention!” Can’t beat the buzz though, I’ll be there next year. Thank you USANA!

    • Tim Haran
      Tim Haran says:

      Hi Alison,
      Sorry you couldn’t make it. I hope you’ve been able to watch a bit of our live stream. Right now it’s just the social media/communications teams experimenting a little and having some fun. Maybe one day all of convention will be live streamed! Hope to see you next year.


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