Jennifer Azzi Visits with LeBron, D-Wade

We received the following note from Jennifer Azzi recently (she also posted it on her blog). As many of you know, Jennifer is a USANA Ruby Director and head coach of the University of San Francisco women’s basketball team.

“The Miami Heat practiced in our gym [Monday]. It was really exciting for my team to get to meet the Heat players. The guys were so gracious and nice to our players!  Coach Spoelstra gave us a pep talk about having patience as we build our program.  He said they (even at their level) focus on improvement every time they take the court, which is the message I give our team everyday.  It was awesome to hear that message from the best!”

Wow! You never know who you’ll run into…

And here are a few photos featuring LeBron James, Dwyane Wade, Erik Spoelstra, and members of the USF team.

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