USANA13: Personal Development Gold Mine

Wow. What an amazing International Convention. Yet again, USANA Studios and the entire USANA team put together four days full of speakers, training, announcements and fun.

International Convention — #USANA13 — is the very definition of personal development. It’s an investment in yourself.

For me, the best part of Convention is seeing everyone from the USANA family. The camaraderie. The friendship. I feel renewed and rejuvenated.

USANA13 Personal Development 2

Top Takeaways

Just like all of you, I always learn new things. Here are a few things that have been on my mind over the past week:

USANA13 Personal Development 3Be Open to Learning New Things

While this may seem obvious, sometimes we close our minds. We assume we will be open. I worked hard to be open to meeting new people, learning new things during breakout sessions on topics that I have lots of familiarity (thank you Kate Northrup, Liz Rider, Lorie & Tom Mulhern, and Jeremy Stansfield). I now have new perspective, and can take what I learned and apply it to how I approach projects.

Step Out of Your Comfort Zone

A lot of my time was spent in the Convention store, which meant talking to a lot of people. While I love the buzz of Convention, talking to people I don’t know is not the easiest thing for me to do.

Convention is the perfect time for me to jump in, smile, say hello, and help people. It was great to meet so many new people. The bonus? I helped a lot of people, and learned a lot, too. I need to do this more often. As Nike said: Just Do It.

The USANA Manifesto Video

I think I have watched this every day. I have also been watching the video submissions we received before Convention. I am inspired by the creativity, and have asked myself, what would my manifesto video look like? Has it inspired you to create your own?


What’s Next?

Ending the year with positive energy and momentum — that’s what it will be for me. I have spent the last week getting organized and just making sure I have a focused list of objectives and goals. My next step will be outlining what I need to do to accomplish them.

One thing I will be doing is following up with lots of members of the USANA family, to see how they are bringing Convention home, and how they are incorporating the announcements into their business.

USANA13 Personal Development 4

Now It’s Your Turn

What were your biggest takeaways from Convention (here are a few our friends at Larsen Global documented)? Are you organized and ready to end the year strong?

I hope to see lots of you next year at 2014 International Convention, if not before.

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  1. Kathy Hancock
    Kathy Hancock says:

    My first convention and it was great. I learned so much about USANA from the fantastic presenters…Dr. Christine Wood, Jason Dorsey, RR. Libby Weaver…
    Attending Convention helped me identify my “passion”. I know believe in myself and my ability to be a successful USANA associate!


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