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Belynda Lee is presented with the International Leadership Award from the Texas Women’s Empowerment Foundation.

I still remember very clearly the moment I walked out of her office after my interview. How was it possible that someone can empower me to feel that I am more capable now than an hour ago?

This stranger, whom I had met for the very first time, made me feel that success is suddenly so attainable. Since then, there has never been a situation where she didn’t allow me to try, picked me up when I failed and taught me how to eventually achieve.

Her mission is to mentor and guide those who want to become better regardless of age, gender or race. This is her commitment to each one of her staff and this is also the commitment she gives to each of the associates she works with.

After working with her for the past year, I completely understand why so many people enjoy working with her. She is a true leader. She would never ask someone to do something they are not willing to do but she will always challenge them to do more than what they believe they are capable of.

In return, she never expects anything, not even a thank you. For these reasons, she has won the respect from the field and has helped many people become leaders themselves.

She is Belynda Lee, USANA’s vice president of Canada and the North American Asian market.

On Sept. 27 at the annual International Finance and Leadership Summit, the Texas Women’s Empowerment Foundation presented Belynda with the International Leadership Award for her outstanding leadership in her role as a vice president, as well as her contributions to society as an inspirational speaker on various women empowerment platforms.

Belynda Lee - Leadership Award 15The Texas Women’s Empowerment Foundation (TWEF), founded in 2002, is a non-profit organization geared toward helping families from all walks of life reach their fullest potential in the areas of business, education, finances and socio-economic status. The International Leadership Award is given to individuals who are respected for their accomplishments and acknowledged for their contributions in for-profit, not-for-profit and public sectors.

Past recipients who have been recognized by the Texas Women’s Empowerment Foundation for their work include author John Maxwell, world empowerment expert Dr. Myles Munroe, world-renowned motivational speaker Les Brown, and American heavyweight champion and entrepreneur George Foreman.

Successful entrepreneur and television personality — a shark on TV’s Shark Tank — Daymond John was among the honorees recognized this year.

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Top USANA leaders from across North America flew to Houston in celebration of Belynda’s achievement. Attendees included:

  • 8-Star Diamond Director Cecilia Li from Vancouver, British Columbia
  • 6-Star Diamond Director Tina Pang Tao from Boyds, Maryland
  • 5-Star Diamond Director Monica Penrod from San Antonio, Texas
  • 4-Star Diamond Directors Bibiana and Peter Pau from Bellevue, Washington
  • 2-Star Diamond Directors Cathy Ngo and Aaron Dinh from San Jose, California
  • 2-Star Diamond Director Paige Johnson Hunter from San Antonio, Texas

When Belynda walked across the stage, they became the loudest and most supportive table in the banquet room; even the host had to give this group a shout-out for their enthusiasm and unity.

“This evening was pretty amazing. Several of us, who know Belynda well, got the opportunity to spend the evening with her as she received the International Leadership Award for her contribution to empowering women. Belynda is a perfect example of compassion, leadership, humbleness, brilliance and absolute beauty. She’s an amazing woman and everything she is about — love, peace and joy — overflows from her heart. She truly is changing women’s lives all over the globe. I am very honored and humble to call her my friend.”

— Monica Garcia-Penrod, 5-Star Diamond Director

“Belynda is a very well rounded person; she’s good at everything! But the most amazing thing about Belynda is her willingness to help anyone — doesn’t matter who they are — she helps everyone. That kind of generosity is hard to find and that’s what makes her a true leader. Wishing Belynda more success to come.”

— Peter and Bibiana Pau, 4-Star Diamond Directors

Belynda Lee - Leadership Award 14“It was a privilege to share this evening to honor Belynda. I’ve always known Belynda to be very strong in character and so it’s great to see that people are seeing the goodness in her and they are honoring her. It’s just so good to be here tonight!”

— Dr. Paige and Daniel Hunter 2-Star Diamond Directors

“Only through all your challenges and sacrifice, victory is achieved! Congratulations on all of your accomplishments. Wishing you continued momentum and massive success!”

— Aaron Dinh and Cathy Ngo, 2-Star Diamond Directors

“Extremely happy to have witnessed the beautiful Belynda Lee receive the International Leadership Award presented by the TWEF. Belynda has always been a mentor and such an inspiration to me. She is as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside and one of the strongest, most graceful and influential women I know. I heart her.”

— Cecilia Li, 8-Star Diamond Director

Behind every successful leader, there is a story of hardship and devotion. But most people will only see the success and not the hard work behind it. So the next time you see Belynda on stage empowering and motivating you to be better, know that she’s done what it takes to be up there.

And when you applaud and thank her, don’t just thank her for that particular event; thank her the countless number of hours she spent strategizing with field leaders to grow their business, thank her for all the weekends and holidays she sacrificed, and thank her for all the special occasions she has had to miss with her family in order to grow our USANA Family.


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  1. Paula Carlson
    Paula Carlson says:

    Belynda is who she is, does what she does, without striving for recognition. To be presented with an award for being who you are is, in my opinion, the ultimate achievement. Congratulations, Belynda, and thanks for being such an awesome role model.


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