Inside Beauty: 3 Rules to Live By

This is a bittersweet post, as it is my last “official” Inside Beauty contribution. I will still have guest blogs, but as far as the monthly posts, I’m happy to announce those will be written by our lovely ladies in public relations. So look forward to new and exciting Inside Beauty recommendations from this talented group.

skincare29Since this is my last post, I wanted to give you all three beauty rules that MUST be obeyed in order to have healthy, glowing skin. Consider these three rules the ones to live by. Don’t worry — they’re easy to follow and will keep you looking younger, longer.

Always use SPF

The best way to prevent the look of premature aging, wrinkles, and dark spots is with broad spectrum SPF. Every morning, after cleansing your face, apply Sense Daily Protective Moisturizer with SPF 15 liberally to your face and neck. This unique formula will not only nourish your delicate skin and provide nutrient benefits like vitamin C, the sunscreen will help protect your complexion from UV damage. This is the most critical step in fighting the signs of aging skin.

Eat healthy and get enough sleep

You are what you eat. Indeed. Your skin is a direct reflection of what’s happening inside your body. Eat plenty of leafy greens, dark berries, and fatty acids to help maintain plump, youthful-looking skin. Also, drink at least 64 ounces of water each day. Your skin is the last organ to receive vital nutrients, that is why you must make sure you are eating a healthy diet. Also, it’s important to take your USANA Nutritionals. Today’s foods lack dense nutrient content and supplementing with vitamins helps us meet our nutritional needs for beautiful looking skin, hair and nails.

beauty-rulesManage stress

Ever tried yoga? Now’s the time. Managing stress can be difficult, especially in today’s economy. But lack of proper stress management can show up in many ways — including on your face. Put yourself in a 15 minute “time-out” each day and just sit, breath and relax. Try not to focus on all the daily matters, but rather empty your thoughts and go to a “happy place.” Also, be sure to get in some good, old-fashioned exercise. Nothing will help you sweat out those toxins and release some mood-boosting endorphins like a good cardio session. Not only will managing your stress help you feel better, it will also help your skin rejuvenate quicker and look younger.

I’ve enjoyed writing these blogs and look forward to some guest posts in the future! Keep your ideas coming and remember to always take good care of yourself, and your skin.

Well there’s the scoop.

Wishing you all beauty and health.

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