Two USANA Canada Events, One Goal: Motivation

USANA Millionaire Mindset - Women in Business 1

On Saturday, two USANA events touched hundreds of lives in Vancouver, British Columbia.

Though the focus was different for each, the overall goal was the same: to motivate and empower the attendees to put their doubts behind them and pursue their dreams.

USANA Millionaire Mindset - Women in Business 1

Finding the Millionaire Mindset

The first event of the day filled the room with more than 600 excited audience members. The Millionaire Mindset Intensive offered an impressive lineup of speakers: nine different USANA-made millionaires took the stage to share several smarter ways to acquire wealth.

USANA Millionaire Mindset - Women in Business 3

It should come as no surprise that personal development is key to meeting financial goals.

“Success is not so much what you do, as who you become,” explains Aaron Dinh, 2-Star Diamond Director. During his talk, he explained, “We can all become greater if we choose to do so.”

Three-Star Diamond Director John Cunningham believes events like these can jumpstart a significant change.

“The purpose is to help someone become aware of their true potential,” he says.

There were plenty of lessons to learn from these incredibly successful speakers.

USANA Millionaire Mindset - Women in Business 4

Diamond Director Germain Lafortune explained, “Poor consumption habits lead to financial problems.” He showed the audience a few formulas to help them determine their net worth — and then how to double it.

Creating a strong financial plan can have a big impact, but your outlook is even more important.

“To become a millionaire, you need to act like one,” said Annette Que, 9-Star Diamond Director. “You need to declare to yourself, ‘I am a millionaire!’”

The event was a hit — especially when a cannon shot off hundreds of million-dollar bills into the audience, and everyone rushed to grab one. It certainly helped put them in the right mindset.

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Powerful Women in Business

After a short break, it was time for the next event of the day: Women in Business.

USANA Millionaire Mindset - Women in Business 13Events like these are about encouragement and empowerment, and offer principles that apply to more than just USANA and network marketing.

Pamela Bendall, author, sailor, adventurer, and businesswoman, told the story of her five-year voyage along the Western coast of the Americas.

She shared that when she set out on her trip, “People thought I was crazy, and I had a lot of fear. But so much of our fear is only in our minds.”

Cathy Ngo, 2-Star Diamond Director, shared her personal story about getting out of her comfort zone.

“These events are important because everyone needs powerful role models,” she said. “I used to be in the background of my business, but then I had my daughter and realized, if I’m not a role model to her, who will be her role model?”

USANA Millionaire Mindset - Women in Business 15As 3-Star Diamond Director Susanne Cunningham explained in her talk, “You can have your cake and eat it too. You can be a wife, mother, and an independent businesswoman. You can create the life you want to live.”

She enjoys speaking at events like these because, “Women feel empowered when they come together and learn from each other.”

The Power of USANA Events

The audience for both of these events was excited to learn from such successful speakers, and apply these new lessons to their own lives.

Every USANA event is an opportunity to learn and grow, and the motivation they inspire can make a huge difference in your business and personal life.

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For many more photos from these events, please visit USANA on Smugmug. And if you’re looking for tips to help you make the most of your next business-focused event, check out this infographic.

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