Our Rookie Debut at International Convention

Social Media Team at Convention

Taylor Helping at Convention

International Convention is a sink-or-swim moment for every new USANA employee. So, two new members of the social media team have agreed to let you in on their ‘make-or-break-you’ experiences!

From Taylor:

“So, this is what it’s like,” was my first thought when I saw the hoards of people anxiously filling the Salt Palace last Wednesday morning.

Seeing the anticipation in the eyes of thousands of Associates was all I needed to justify the effort I put into preparing for convention (and waking up at 5:00 that morning).

As the cliché goes, “there is nothing like being there,” and I really can’t put it any other way. There is electricity in the air that can only be felt and appreciated when you’re in the midst of it.

Booming music helps too.

I enjoyed interacting with so many of you. It’s a side of the USANA family I only interact with through social media and never in person (seems just slightly ironic to me!).

Social Media Team at ConventionSure, I spent most my time handing out the coveted flashy pink t-shirts and the selfie pins, but I valued those moments where I connected on a personal level and shared ideas with you.

Behind the scenes, I got to know some of my coworkers. Having us all removed from the barriers of our desks at the home office allowed us to let down our figurative walls too.

So, having just emerged unscathed from my first convention, I am proud to say it was both enlightening and challenging!

From Sarah:

I started working at USANA in June of this year. Aka ‘Convention Time!’

Everyone seemed a little frazzled, a little scared, and a little out-of-breath to be honest with you.

Quite the atmosphere to walk into on your first day of a new job!

But, luckily, it was a lot more fun than the buildup had me to believe. Mostly, I spent the time doing my regular job (tweeting & updating Facebook); but for those four days, I was surrounded by thousands of people who were beyond excited to be there!

And that rubs off on you.

Just simply interacting with all of you and finally putting some faces to names (& handles) was awesome! And you definitely made a lasting impression!

Broadcast live streaming video on Ustream

On top of all the obvious highlights (the speakers, the announcements, the Rev3 tastings), I also got to help the rest of the social media crew with the daily live-stream broadcasts, stepping out of my comfort zone and in front of the camera.

All-in-all, you already know it’s a lot of work for USANA employees to throw a party of this scale every year, but it’s also a lot of fun! I personally can’t wait for #USANA15!

If this was your first experience at Convention, we’d love to hear your take. Leave us a comment below!

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