How to: Workouts in Your Workspace

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ThinkstockPhotos-453783889How many times have you said you don’t have time for a workout? I pretty much say it on a daily basis. And if you’re like me, you have a job where you sit at your desk eight hours a day, so the only muscles getting a workout are in your fingers.

Guess what, guys? Sitting that long is actually detrimental to your health. Research shows an increased risk of heart disease and certain cancers if you’re not moving your body throughout the day! In fact, sitting too much may change the way your body deals with fats in your body and may even effect your mental health, due to feelings of sluggishness.

ThinkstockPhotos-178539915Ok, I’m feeling motivated now!

Chad Myler, USANA’s Senior Wellness Coordinator, says to get the exercise you need throughout the day doesn’t require anything more than walking or stretching.

“Just do anything other than sitting to revitalize your muscles and get the blood flowing again,” he says. “A good general rule of thumb is, for every hour spent sitting you should get up and move for ten minutes.”

But if you want something a little more challenging than a walk, take a gander at the awesome exercises Chad and Associate Wellness Coordinator, Aubrie Haymore, put together below. You can do these exercises right in the comfort of your own workspace and you don’t need any fancy gym equipment.

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If you still need additional motivation, check out the post written by USANA Associate, Sergio Rojas, regarding the benefits of exercising throughout the day.

So, no more excuses! Start exercising today!!

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