5 Tips for Beginner Runners

Running is one of the most basic sports around, as well as one of the easiest ways to get active and kick start your road to a healthier lifestyle. All you need to run is a pair of shoes and an open road, yet making the move into the running world can be a daunting task.

Tyler Sigl trail run. Photo credit Nate Dunn

Check out these five tips for the beginner runner from Team USANA athlete and ultra runner, Tyler Sigl.

  1. Focus on your nutrition: The food we eat is the fuel we burn. Make sure you’re eating clean and healthy foods that provide your body with the nutrition it needs to perform its best. You’ll want to consume foods that are rich with good fats, antioxidants and have some protein, and make sure you are well hydrated.
    • Tyler’s tip: Have a snack within an hour of going on a run to give your body the energy it needs before you head out, and another snack or meal, within an hour after you finish to help your body recover. USANA’s MySmart™Bars and MySmart™Shakes are the perfect pre and post run go-to’s.
  1. Cross-train: Running is great, but you’ll want to incorporate some cross training into your routine to help prevent injuries. Cross training is a great way to mix up your workout routine, reduce the repetitive impact that running causes on your legs and is a way to gain strength and flexibility.
    • Tyler’s tip: Try adding low-impact sports like cycling, swimming, yoga, snowshoeing, pilates, plyometrics or strength training two to three times a week.
  1. Stretch and warm-up: Don’t forget to do the little things like warm-up, cool-down, stretch and strengthen. Not only will these motions help prevent injuries, but they’ll also help keep you feeling your best before, during and after your run.
    • Tyler’s tip: Take 12 minutes before your run and spend 2-3 minutes warming-up with a light jog, 5 minutes stretching and and another 5 minutes to strengthen. Some good strengthening exercises include lunges, wall squats, frog hops, dead lifts and ab planks. Post run, take 2-3 minutes to cool down and stretch.
  1. Plan your routes: Be prepared and know where you’re going. If the weather is going to be hot, plan a route where you can stop and re-fill your water bottle along the way. If you are going on a longer run, plan a route with bathroom access, water stops and a shortcut to get home if your run takes a turn for the worse.
    • Tyler’s tip: If you’re bored with your same old routes, take a short drive and plan one on some new terrain or look up some running trails in your local area.
  1. Keep it fun: Always remember to keep your running fun so you’ll be more likely to stick with it. Join a running club, find a training partner or try using an app like STRAVA to log your training progress, track other runner training logs and/or to compete with friends.
    • Tyler’s tip: Set some goals or milestones and reward yourself when you hit them.

Tyler SiglTyler Sigl is a collegiate cross-country athlete turned ultra runner, and is a three-time NCAA national champion and three-time champion of the North Face Wisconsin Endurance Challenge 50-Mile Race. Tyler is also a USANA sponsored-athlete and Associate.

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