Partnership with 1,300 Elite Chinese Athletes Draws National Media Attention

Nearly 1,300 Elite Athletes’ New Partner

On April 12 in Beijing time, USANA Health Sciences’ China subsidiary BabyCare Ltd. hosted a press conference to officially announce that BabyCare has become an Official Sponsor of China’s General Administration of Sports Training Bureau. The video above is the report on CGTV (China Global Television) Sports Sense.

Through the partnership, BabyCare will provide nearly 1,300 elite athletes with China Anti-Doping Agency-tested nutritional supplements through the upcoming 2018 Asian Games, 2020 Tokyo Games and several World Championships.

Dan Macuga speaking at the press conference

“I am very honored and excited to be here today to celebrate our partnership with China’s General Administration of Sports Training Bureau,” said USANA Chief Communications Officer Dan Macuga. “This is an exciting moment for BabyCare and for our future in China. This significant partnership means a lot for BabyCare’s future.”

Products that Champions Trust

“We have strict standards for athletes’ nutritional supplements. USANA products (China) have passed the tests from several authoritative organizations, including the National Anti-Doping Testing Research Center, and met the national and global standards. USANA (China) will work with our athletes on the journeys to success from now on,” added Tiehang Lv, deputy director of China’s General Administration of Sports Training Bureau.

Executives from USANA with officers and athletes from China’s General Administration of Sports Training Bureau

Several elite champions demonstrated their support by attending the press conference. Members of China’s women’s volleyball team, gold medalists Xinyue Yuan and Xia Ding, and the only female gymnastics grand slam champion in China, Kexin He— known as “Princess of Uneven Bars”—were on hand.

Kexin He was making USANA smoothies

“As gymnasts, we have to manage our weight,”said He, while making a USANA shake as the audience watched. “We will take nutritional supplements to support our daily diets. For supplements, the most important standard is safety.”

Exciting Moments: Certificates Award Ceremony

More than 100 journalists and over 30 media members attended the announcement. Macuga represented BabyCare and received the Certification of Official Sponsorship from Lv, while the two volleyball players awarded BabyCare with the Certification of Guaranteed Products for Athletes of National Sports Training Bureau as a representation of their trust for the products.

Dan Macuga received the Certification of Official Sponsorship from Tiehang Lv

Brent Neidig presented two champions USANA product packages

Brent Neidig, executive vice president of China development at USANA, presented two champion athletes USANA product packages as gifts.

All the executives and guests touched the LED screen together to initiate the partnership.

Executives and guests touched the LED screen

After the press conference, Macuga and Neidig sat down with, one of the top national media outlets, and other national top media, to discuss USANA’s growth in China. Over 30 national media reported on this event after the press conference.

Dan Macuga and Brent Neidig interviewed by

USANA’s Long History Working with Athletes

The National Sports Training Bureau is the earliest and largest competitive sports training base in the history of new China. The bureau provides training, accommodations, medical, transportation and cultural education for national athletes.

During Rio last summer, China won 26 gold medals overall, with the Bureau securing 20 of those. As of last year’s Games, the Bureau has won more than 1,190 world champion titles, 186 of which are gold.

USANA first started working with athletes in 1999 when USANA partnered with U.S. Speedskating and Speed Skating Canada. Since then, USANA has provided thousands of elite and professional athletes around the world with high-quality nutritional supplements to help them perform at their best. These groups include: the Women’s Tennis Association, the US Ski and Snowboard Association, members of the Korean Speedskating Team and National Judo Team, and more. Visit Team USANA for more information.

*The mentioned athletes are either distributors or dedicated users who have received compensation for their partnership and/or complimentary USANA products.

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