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Chris Mazdzer: Finding the Silver Lining in Korea

Prior to last month, Chris Mazdzer probably wasn’t an athlete you were overly familiar with. Same goes for the sport he competes in—luge. But today, he’s a household name and has taken the internet by storm since capturing the United States’ first Olympic medal in the men’s singles luge event. As most stories go though, […]


Transition Metals Meet Team USANA

USANA was founded on science by a microbiologist who loves the periodic table. Which has provided hundreds of thousands of people with top-rated supplements for more than 25 years. But what does the chart of elements, a diagram that most of us haven’t seen since high school, have anything to do with USANA’s sponsored-athletes? Well, […]


USANA Athletes: 5 Things to Know for Korea

USANA proudly sponsors thousands of elite and professional athletes from around the globe in an array of disciplines. From World Champions to X Games medalists and everything in between, USANA is trusted by some of the world’s most accomplished athletes, and with the winter’s biggest sporting event only days away, it should come as no […]