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USANA Fortune 25: Built to Last

Today, a small group of Associates and management team members headed to Giverny, the small town where Claude Monet’s home and garden are open to the public. Here, our personal tour guides, who spoke both Chinese and English, helped explain the history behind Monet the artist and Monet the townsman (apparently he had quite the […]

USANA Fortune 25: 900 Times the Decadence

For the Fortune 25, USANA spares no expense. The nicest hotels, the most well-respected and well-known restaurants, the most interesting cities and resorts. But today, the Fortune 25 met their match with the Palace of Versailles. The palace — in the city of Versailles, just outside of Paris — has 900 rooms, and each and […]

USANA Fortune 25: Fortune is Free!

…free to enjoy the day, that is! Today the USANA Fortune 25 were able to enjoy Paris and the company of their friends, their spouse, or their invited guest with a four-day museum pass courtesy of USANA. This pass allows the bearer to get in free at more than 40 museums all over Paris, and […]

USANA Fortune 25: A Tour of Paris

Today was the official first day of the USANA Fortune 25 trip! The top 25 Associates/Distributors and their guests came in from all over and met up at Le Grand Hotel in Paris, greeted by upper management and welcomed with open arms. What do I mean when I say “all over”? Hong Kong, Washington, DC, […]

Staying Healthy with USANA: The Hard Part

Eating right. Exercising. Remembering to take those supplements. In my mind, these are the three things I have to do every day to stay healthy. It seems simple, and it is. But “simple” doesn’t always mean “easy.” So, what’s the hardest part of staying healthy? Here’s my thought process and how I overcome my mental […]

Staying Healthy with USANA: Get Your Body in Tip-Top Shape

It seems like when summer comes around, there is always a long list of chores just waiting to be completed. Outdoor projects abound. You have to mow the lawn, weed your flower beds, plant those tomatoes and zucchini, and fix that screen door. Maybe your home needs a new coat of paint, or you really […]