Mt. Everest 2012: Successful, Inspiring Trek

A little less than a month ago, a group of 15 climbers set out to conquer Mt. Everest Base Camp.

Among the adventurers was USANA’s Susanne Cunningham. Through the power of blogging, she agreed to take What’s Up, USANA? readers along with her on the journey of a lifetime.

Today, Susanne is back home in Canada and she offers the following blog post to wrap up an incredible, life-changing trip.

Principles applied on the trek can be found in Susanne’s Being LASERFocused book (order in Canada or in the United States).

We’ll have one more post tomorrow in which Susanne shares thoughts from others who joined her on the trek, as well as final words of inspiration reflecting on her own experience.

Picture of Mt. Everest in the distance up from Namche Bazaar

Picture of Mt. Everest in the distance up from Namche Bazaar

Hello USANA,

We are home from Mt. Everest Base Camp… And we will never be the same.

That is the thing about stretching outside of comfort zones and embarking on a goal you dream of. No matter the results, you can never again be the same. Every challenge, every win has changed you forever. My theory is it changes a person forever, for the better.

I know I left you hanging after Day 6 and the goal was not yet achieved. Internet was spotty and to be honest I think I started to feel the peace in being disconnected for a while.

But I wanted to make sure to take you the rest of the way. Mount Everest Base Camp was still ahead. We had sneak peeks at a few points along the way.

The weather agreed with us and we were fortunate to see the mountain in the distance surrounded by beauty on a few occasions.

We had some long days, and if my step counter was accurate, the average was about 20,000 steps per day. We had long days and short days. On the short days we would do acclamation treks to allow the body to familiarize with greater altitude and adjust. Though you would often prefer to rest on short days, making this trek was for the best.

I liken these acclamation treks on this excursion to Super Saturday trainings or personal development trainings, celebrations we attend to be better in our business. Stretching the comfort zone so that you are prepared for the next challenge, experience or opportunity. We may prefer to stay home and not attend the training but attending such events will make you better prepared for the growth you desire in your business.

Every extra effort we put in provides a memorable gift, a beautiful view, a moment of friendship or some extraordinary moment beyond the main reason for the effort.

Acclamation point and honor to those who have lost lives on the climb of Mt Everest

Acclimation point and honor to those who have lost lives on the climb of Mt Everest

What happens when we meet adversity? Each may handle it differently. It’s colder than we like, amenities are not like home, food is different than we are familiar with. Character is tested, but with the the goal in mind and the attitude to succeed we carry on. We are almost there. The goal seems so close.

The goal...

The goal...

Today is the day. Our destination is hours away, steps away. We are excited. The terrain will still test us but nothing can stop us. We have a goal, we are committed and we are taking the actions together as a team, focused.

We are focused. One step, and another. See you at Base Camp.

This is a great analogy for any goal we make. There will be challenges, but with commitment there is no turning back. As we approach the goal there is excited anticipation but it takes focus to keep doing what it takes. Working with a team makes it even more powerful. Each person has their own goal, reason and reward, but together it is way more fun.

As we arrive at our goal…

Leaders congratulate and celebrate!

Family Photo… tomorrow is Mothers’ Day 😉 We did it! Mom and Sons trip of a lifetime!

Maryana Roman says, “Stay close to USANA. It can open so many doors for you, they way it did for me.”

Maryana Roman

Maryana Roman

Karen Wickerson, Delta Team and Team LASERFocus, says, “I now found the meaning of LASERFocus trekking to Base Camp Everest. One foot in front of the other. Always focusing on the goal and never giving up.”

Karen Wickerson

Karen Wickerson

Focused girl power! We made it!

From left: Mikel Ann Hall, Susanne Cunningham, Karen Wickerson and Tara Box

From left: Mikel Ann Hall, Susanne Cunningham, Karen Wickerson and Tara Box

Susanne, Karen Wickerson and Drummond MacDougall Team LASERFocus

From left: Susanne Cunningham, Karen Wickerson and Drummond MacDougall — Team LASERFocus

Celebrate the win and revel in the moment. Every goal achieved is a big win. There have been many small wins to get here and it is time to celebrate.

Team celebrations are incredible. As dream builders, it is important to revel in the moments. There will be more goals in the future but rather then racing to the next goal be sure to enjoy the moment.

To read Susanne’s other posts about the adventure, please visit the Mt. Everest Trek 2012 page.

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