Mt. Everest 2012: ‘This is an Incredible Life Experience’

Here’s the latest update from USANA’s Susanne Cunningham, who is among a group of 15 climbing to Mt. Everest Base Camp.

For more on the trek, please visit the What’s Up, USANA? Mt. Everest Trek 2012 page.

Here’s what Susanne writes…

Day 6. We’re at the memorial site honoring many who died climbing Mt. Everest (above photo).

My friend Alison Lockhart, also a USANA Associate, asked me to find a cairn of Blair Griffiths who died in the Khumbu ice field in 1982 while serving as photographer for CBC’s Canadian Everest expedition.

This request added an additional purpose to my trek. I am happy to say we were able to find the cairn and fulfill Alison’s request in the site near Dugla on Day 6 of our trek.

Below is the actual cairn of Blair Griffiths.


Inspiration is all around. We met 7-year-old Aaryan Balaji (trekking to Everst Base Camp to be the youngest trekker according to Guinness World Records. She presently is the youngest deep sea diver). She is here with her mother, Riki, and father, Commander Balaji (he has successfully summited Everest).

Never too young or too old to step into inspiring self and others.

A little distraction from altitude. A snowball fight and a snowman. ~ Nick Cunningham

Maryana Roman in Labuche, the afternoon before we ascend to Mt. Everest Base Camp:

“This is an incredible life experience. Sometimes things are harder than you expect but it’s worth it in the end. Never give up your dream.”

Maryana Roman

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