USANA is Pushing the Envelope, and it’s Paying Off

When I joined USANA, I was fortunate enough to get a tour of our facility, see the ingredients come into the building, watch the manufacturing process, and see the final product go out the door. Kind of incredible when you consider that it’s all done under one roof! I never really knew what went into procuring supplements and the chance to see it all happen first hand was an incredible experience. After seeing it, I was determined to make an impact to ensure that families around the world would see what I had seen, feel what I had felt, and hear what I had heard on that tour.

One thing that really furthered that belief in USANA was when I learned how many supplement manufactures were in the state of Utah, more than 110! That blew me away. Now that doesn’t mean they manufacture in their own building like we do, it’s just that there are 110+ companies in Utah doing what we do — well sort of. They certainly don’t have it all under one roof, and more importantly, they don’t have the distinction of being recognized as the Best of State!

That’s right, USANA was once again recognized as being the best, but not in just one category! This year USANA was recognized for five awards!!  The Best of State Awards were created to recognize outstanding individuals, organizations and businesses in Utah, and Judges look for individuals, businesses, and organizations that excel in their endeavors, use innovative approaches or methods and contribute to a better quality of life in Utah.

CEO Dave Wentz with USANA's four medals and Best of the Best statue.

So what did we win? Well, here’s what I would consider to be a rather impressive list:

  • Best of the Best — Merchandising and Consumer Services category (2nd win since 2008)
  • Health/Nutrition Beverage — Rev3 Energy (4th win since 2009)
  • Dietary Supplements — MHP (8th win since 2003)
  • Health/Nutrition Products — HealthPak (1st win)
  • Science and Technology — Research and Development (1st win)

These are incredible accolades for the company, especially when you consider the addition of our R&D team to the list of recipients. And how about the Best of the Best award! Only 10 organizations or individuals are awarded the statue, and USANA was selected from the largest category, which included medal winners for everything from health products to sporting goods! We are pushing the envelope, and it’s nice to see the recognition for all the hard work.

So it all started with a simple tour and these kinds of awards validate the experience and the feeling of pride every time a package leaves this building. We are committed to producing world class products and I can assure no one here is slowing down.

Dr. John Cuomo, Paul Jones, Dave Wentz, Diane Leroy, and Dr. Brian Dixon show off USANA's four medals and Best of the Best statue at the 2012 Utah Best of State awards.

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4 replies
  1. Hudson Maynard
    Hudson Maynard says:

    Once again USANA shows itself to be an industry leader with everyone else trying to play catchup. I am proud to be a representative of the finest nutritional company out there. Thank you USANA!

  2. Deanna Waters
    Deanna Waters says:

    Congratulations on your recognition once again for excellence in all areas of the USANA business! We appreciate your dedication to the science, product quality and manufacturing, customer service, marketing, technology and so much more! It is a privilege to represent this outstanding company! Dave and Deanna

  3. Dyann Lyon
    Dyann Lyon says:

    Congratulations USANA on another great year and for being recognized for doing what you do so beautifully…make the highest quality products without compromise! Wild and I are proud to be a part of the USANA family!


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