USANA’s Got the Finest ’Staches in the Area

During the month of May, things got a little hairy around the USANA Home Office. Literally. It’s “Mustache May,” and the USANA family couldn’t skip out on an opportunity to grow the finest ’staches in the area.

Just in case some of you aren’t familiar with Mustache May, it’s a fairly simple, awesome concept. Men grow their finest ’stache, raise money, and donate that money to charity (women with their finest glue-on mustaches are welcome as well). We here at USANA decided that we were going to raise money for Kennedy Junior High — more than $1,300! (when combined with the proceeds from the USANA Golf Tournament).

So with more than 30 people participating, we had prizes for Best Mustache with Costume, Best All-American Mustache, and even a light-hearted Creepiest Mustache. While I couldn’t be there, I made sure my mustache was represented with some giant Dave heads. It was a great time for everyone, and we all got to embrace our inner manly man ’stache, à la Tom Selleck.

As someone once said, and I have no idea who, “With a great mustache comes great responsibility!”

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