USANA12: Could This be the Most Exciting Day in USANA History?

It began with a rush of people storming the USANA Store for the latest logo wear and ended with a one-of-a-kind rock concert and a lit-up night sky courtesy of USANAFest fireworks.

Sandwiched between were hours spent catching up with old friends, meeting new ones and learning from leaders during a variety of training stages.

USANAFest put an exclamation mark on an outstanding opening day of the 2012 USANA International Convention.

USANAFest put an exclamation mark on an outstanding opening day of the 2012 USANA International Convention.

In all, a rockin’ way to start the 2012 USANA International Convention (did you read Dave Baker’s blog post?).

We hope you were able to follow along with all the excitement. It’s a lot to take in, that’s for sure!

If you’re not here in person, we encourage you to click on this link — #USANA12 — right now to join the conversation.

And Now, Buckle Up

Just when you thought, “Hey, pretty good, USANA. What else you got?”

Glad you asked.

Today will feature an Opening Session unlike any other. You saw the London 2012 Games opener, right? USANA’s version could be just as loud and even more exciting.

We’ve got dancing, singing, looking back, looking ahead, best-selling author John C. Maxwell and more.

Emphasis on the more.

You know USANA is all about surprises, and this year — being our 20th birthday party and all — is no exception.

Training stages will again fill the afternoon, and a recognition celebration of impressive magnitude is set for this evening — to be followed by a “Just Dance” party that will have Convention-goers busting a move late into the night.

I will make this statement, with no hyperbole intended, and you tell me once it’s all said and done if it rings true:

Today could well be the most exciting day in USANA history.

Enjoy! Oh, and for many more photos from Day 1, check out USANA on Smugmug.

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